10 Best Yoyos For Beginners 2024 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

This article will show you what the best yoyos for beginners are and what you need to look for.

When you are a beginner, sifting through all the yoyos on the market and trying to figure out what exactly you need and want for your specific needs is hard.

However, this article will show you everything you need to know about which yoyo a beginner yoyoist should get.

You will also learn what to look for so that you can be confident in the one that you choose and make sure it suits your needs and you can depend on not to break the second you try a simple trick.

These yoyos will allow you to soon become a great yoyo master. You will be impressed by the selections of yoyos that are provided here for your consideration.

Top 10 Beginner Yoyo’s

#1 Best Overall – Magic Yoyo V3

The Magic Yoyo Professional Responsive Yoyo V3 is regarded as being categorized as a top selection when you are beginning the process of doing yoyo tricks.

Truly, this is one of the most preferred yoyos on the market currently, which will provide the assurance that you will see the soon reality of your yoyo mastery.

This yoyo will empower you to do a wide span of string yoyo stunts that are intriguing and captivating.

This yoyo provides a surface that demonstrates true premium quality, based on the fact that it is fabricated with top-level aluminum.

This will grant the assurance that the yoyo will remain well stabilized with good balance as you are in the middle of a yoyo routine that is being done at high speeds.

This yoyo has a wonderful sandblasted finish that boasts smoothness that is ultra meticulous.

The surface of this yoyo will not endure any episodes of fading, which means that your yoyo will remain appealing in its looks for all your yoyo routine performances.

This is imperative due to the fact that your yoyo tricks will be more enjoyable and alluring when your yoyo looks captivating.

Because this yoyo always looks great and performs so well, it is a great choice when you want to enter a yoyo competition.

#2 Best For Sleeping – Magic Yoyo for Beginners V6

In such cases that you have been on the hunt for a yoyo that will be swell to use at a major yoyo competition or that will be a fun and unique present to give to your kids or friends, then you will indeed be wise to give consideration to buying the Magic Yoyo.

The V6 is without a doubt super sleek and gorgeous with the dark blue color.

This well-fabricated yoyo will allow you to engage in the performance of polished and intricate yoyo routines that will thrill onlookers.

What contributes to making this yoyo widely stunning is the reality that it sleeps supremely well and it continuously performs all spins with a long command time.

These things amplify the exquisiteness of the routines that you do with this amazing yoyo.

In such times that you are in need of a yoyo that is impressively stable and most definitely durable, then this yoyo is the one that you should get.

It will always grant a swell performance every time and you can have the peace of mind that it will do all yoyo tricks through to completion with the precision and good balance for a wonderful performance that boasts masterful finesse.

#3 Best Responsive Yoyo – Magic Yoyo Responsive Yoyo K1

If you have always been a real fan of yoyos and would like to learn to do your own thrilling yoyo performance with true prowess, then you will be greatly benefited if you invest your effort in buying the Magic Yoyo Responsive Yoyo K1.

This yoyo is impressive according to the level of quality that it possesses, which contributes to the excellent performance that this yoyo produces for all the cool things that a person does with it.

This is also an ideal yoyo to select if you would like to enter a yoyo competition, which means that it is great for those who are at the advanced yoyo levels as well.

The string of this yoyo is ultra-durable so that you will be able to perform wonderful yoyoing for crowds who will cheer you on to perform even more splendid stunts with this delightful yoyo.

If this top-performing yoyo becomes your own, you will enjoy learning right away due to the fact that this yoyo functions with supreme ease.

As well, you will like the good level of comfort when you use this yoyo so that you will be able to do a long performance of many mind-blowing yoyo tricks.

#4 Best For Beginner Tricks – Yomega Brain Yoyo

This yoyo is best for beginner yoyo tricks.

When it is important for you to possess a yoyo that is known for having a great reputation, so that you can rest assured that it will remain highly dependable to complete all your yoyo routines with stunning and intrinsic yoyo tricks, then you can put your confidence in the Yomega Brain Yoyo.

This yoyo is a key preference among many yoyo playing experts and it is utilized even during many yoyo competitions.

As a result, you can have the peace of mind that this yoyo will continuously achieve the type of performance that you crave, which will move the crowds to beg you to perform even more splendid yoyo tricks that are utterly delightful.

You will revel in being able to use this yoyo for extended periods of time as a result of it being fabricated to provide a good level of comfort for your hands at all times during usage.

This results in you being able to thrill in performing even more amazing yoyo tricks when it comes to your yoyo routine performance.

Indeed, you will be able to perform a wide range of impressive string tricks with this top-quality yoyo, since it has a high level of equilibrium, which prevents it from flopping to one side during your tricks.

When you do your yoyo tricks, you will be pleased that they will be done with the type of perfection and quality that you desire as you use this distinctive yoyo.

#5 Best Value – Duncan Reflex Yoyo

When you are in need of a great performing yoyo that is truly durable, then you will definitely be delighted with the Duncan Reflex Auto Return Yoyo.

This yoyo will not easily crack and the paint is noted for not scraping off, which is why it is a top choice among those who are professional yoyo players.

Your confidence will soar to a whole new dimension when you are performing with this yoyo as a result of the high level of precision that this yoyo produces in regard to all your favorite yoyo tricks, whether you are a master yoyo player or even if you are just a beginner yoyo user.

This yoyo is also notorious for being a great choice to use for a major yoyo competition or when you want to entertain a group of people with some intriguing yoyo tricks that will be highly captivating.

It cannot be denied that this yoyo is top-notch in allowing you to achieve all the various desired effects that you want to implement in your various yoyo tricks.

#6 Best Budget Option – Duncan Imperial Yoyo

If you are on the hunt to find a yoyo that will really perform with the kind of mastery that you are craving in regard to all your yoyo tricks, the bright side is that the Duncan Imperial Yoyo is indeed an impressive yoyo that will meet all your expectations.

This finely constructed yoyo definitely will grant the provision of true value in regard to both performance as well as price–this is due to the fact that it is worthy of your investment, as it produces an ultra splendid performance every time.

You will be empowered to do distinctive and high caliber yoyoing as a result of this yoyo possessing weight that is centralized in a perfect manner to allow for maximum equilibrium, which is needful for a classy, professional, and smooth performance.

#7 Duncan Toys Limelight LED Light-Up Yoyo

When you are the type of individual who must have a yoyo that will perform well at all times, but who also desires to have a yoyo that looks highly appealing, then you will appreciate getting the Duncan Toys Limelight LED Light-Up Yoyo.

This yoyo will provide smoothness that will make all your yoyo routines supremely pristine and this yoyo is amazingly aesthetically appealing as well.

This is truly a distinctive, high-quality yoyo. The string of this yoyo provides a high level of durability in order to permit many extended periods of enjoyment when it comes to doing your favorite yoyo tricks–whether for your own pleasure or when you desire to thrill a large crowd.

There is the application of an axle that is fabricated of steel, which is truly high quality, to provide the assurance that each spinning motion of this finely crafted yoyo is done in a manner that is undeniably smooth, which will surely enhance the outcome of all your yoyo routine performances.

This yoyo demonstrates professional quality indeed and you will be pleased with how truly easy it is to use. Therefore, this yoyo is also a great choice for those who are just commencing the intriguing journey of learning to yoyo.

Also, you will love the fact that this yoyo makes your performance even more exciting because it lights up.

#8 Yomega Original Brain

If you have been searching for a yoyo that will aid you in terms of gaining better fine motor skills as well as better eye and hand coordination, then you will be truly amazed that the Yomega Original Brain Professional Yoyo is highly beneficial to achieving those desired results.

This yoyo is not only designed for usage that is at a casual level but rather it can also be utilized by those who engage in performing acrobatic routines at the professional level.

Consequently, this yoyo is truly reliable and will achieve all your desired yoyo tricks as you intend each time.

The string on this particular yoyo is wonderfully durable in order to permit you to delight in many hours of usage when it comes to doing your favorite thrilling yoyoing.

This yoyo is designed with reliability in mind since it is created with fine quality aluminum metal and will not crack easily.

Furthermore, the paint will not fade or chip off. This means that your yoyo will remain in good shape and be geared up with readiness for all your yoyo performances.

Many yoyo players like the fact that there is the inclusion of the slim responsive bearing because this provides the assurance that this yoyo will be able to grant the provision of a performance that is splendidly outstanding every time you use this yoyo when compared to many other yoyos that do not grant such a high-quality performance.

#9 Yomega Fireball

If are at the advanced level and will not just accept any yoyo that is hardly mediocre.

You can have the satisfaction of counting on the Yomega Fireball in terms of all your yoyo routine selections that are at the advanced level, whether you are doing your tricks for your own personal enjoyment or if you are doing them at a major yoyo competition.

This yoyo comes with an exclusive recovery system that is implemented with precision, which will allow this thrilling yoyo to engage in the delivery of a performance that is deeply enhanced with ultra smoothness and precision.

This captivating yoyo will aid you to improve, as this yoyo holds the notoriety for performing much better than many other yoyos that are accessible on the market at this present time.

It cannot be denied that this yoyo will be one that you desire to take with you many places just so you have it on hand in case there are occasions that arise that permit you to enjoy doing some fun yoyoing, whether for your solo enjoyment or when you desire to please a crowd of folks.

#10 Yomega Raider

When you are seeking to acquire a yoyo that will perform well and will make people smile with delight, then it is worth your time to invest in getting the Yomega Raider Professional Responsive Ball Bearing Yoyo.

This yoyo has the reputation of being a fine quality yoyo that grants a performance with an utter high level of precision each time that you perform your pleasant and fun yoyo stunts.

The motions that are produced by this yoyo continuously follow through to completion with real finesse in a meticulous manner, which indeed adds to the appeal of your performance.

Thus your yoyo routine performance will most assuredly be impressive for those who are watching as you perform.

Without a doubt, this is a wonderfully durable yoyo and there is nothing of poor quality about this yoyo since it has been designed with careful detail.

Consequently, you can truly enjoy achieving superb results when you use this well-made yoyo.

Buying Guide: Choosing a Yoyo For Beginners

We want to show to the things that you need to look for before you buy a yoyo if you’re a beginner. It’s better to know what you need to know before you go off and purchase blindly. Without further ado let’s get into the details.

Responsive Or Unresponsive?

First, you need to decide if you’re going to go with and responsive yoyo or an unresponsive yoyo. This may very well be the most important decision while looking for your perfect yoyo.

We suggest getting a responsive yoyo when you’re a beginner. It provides an easier path to learning how to perform awesome tricks.

What is a responsive yoyo?

A responsive yoyo just means that it responds directly to tugs and assists you to return to your hand easily.

What is an unresponsive yoyo?

An unresponsive yoyo is the opposite of a responsive yoyo. It gives no help to returning to your hand but lets you have more control over tricks.

Read More About This Here.

Metal vs. Plastic

Another thing that you will have to decide for yourself is if you want a metal yoyo or a plastic one. You will find awesome yoyo’s that are made with both so it’s not a deal breaker.

Metal yoyo’s do cost a bit more but we do suggest getting a metal yoyo if you can. Especially if you want to go to the next level into the intermediate stage.


You need to know what type of tricks you want to perform and learn as well. Knowing this will determine which type of yoyo you need.


Having a budget is great. Anything you buy you should be looking for quality and yo-yo’s are no different.

Buying a super cheap yoyo is fine for kids that will only use it once in a while but will only last a few days if you let. You get what you pay for.

A great yoyo isn’t that expensive so maybe going for the one a notch above to one you were going to get is the wise thing to do.


Yoyo should also look in a yoyo for the type of string that it has attached. Make sure that it is top quality and doesn’t break easily. The worst part about yoyoing is replacing strings. If it does break then that may also be a sign of bad construction on the body of the yoyo and maybe a sign that it’s a bad yoyo.


Finding the right brands that you can trust with the highest quality and peace of mind that you will make the right decision even if you don’t know everything about yoyo’s.

Here are the best yoyo brands for beginners:

  • Magic
  • Duncan
  • Yomega
  • Yoyofactory

How Do You Use a Yoyo?

How To Setup a Yoyo?


If you’re just getting into yoyoing and don’t know what type of yoyo is best then the guide we provided above should help you through this decision.

Although yoyos are usually quite cheap it is annoying not knowing which one is the best for your specific level of skill.

Searching for a beginner-friendly yoyo that performs amazingly well and one that you can depend on to perform and practice with can be hard to find especially when you are new.

Every yoyo that we listed above is certain to be perfect for beginners and even slightly above. We made certain not to list cheapo yoyo’s that will break at the first attempt.

So you can depend on to not quit on you and one which will enable you to do yoyo tricks with amazing ease.

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