10 Best Brushless RC Trucks (2022) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

by Hobby Source | Last Updated: August 16, 2021

When you are looking for a new RC truck, it can be hard to know where to start.

There are so many different options on the market and not all of them will be worth your time or money.

To help you out, we have compiled a list of ten brushless trucks that we think represent some of the best models on the market.

We hope this guide will make it easier for you to find one that is perfect for your needs and budget!

In a Hurry? Quick Guide:

Top 10 Brushless RC Trucks

#1 Editor’s Pick (Best Overall) – Laegendary Brushless RC Truck

The Laegendary Sonic Brushless 4WD RC Truck has extraordinary grip, operation and durability thanks to the oil filled metal shocks and heavy duty wheels.

Put on a show for onlookers as you drive this beauty around!

It can go an impressive 60+kmh per hour.

This is a solid brushless RC truck that can handle all kinds of terrain for a great ride every time.

It comes with the provision of two batteries that will allow you to enjoy 30-40 minutes of enjoyment.

The batteries are rechargeable, which is highly convenient. This saves money on the cost of batteries, as there is no need to keep buying regular batteries.

Also, there is the provision of a designed connector for double battery access. You will be impressed by the tire scorching that is extreme action at its best.

The truck is without a doubt the best brushless truck on the market today with a price tag that won’t break the bank!

#2 Best Under $200 – Hosim Brushless Truck

When you are looking for an extremely thrilling brushless RC truck, then you need to consider the Hosim RC 1:16 Scale 287 Brushless R4C Monster Truck.

This truck comes with a manual that is easy to follow and understand for the best optimal usage of this finely crafted brushless RC truck.

This truck is truly fun to use, as it has a powerful run time each time you set this vehicle up for a fast and furious ride.

When you are looking for a vehicle that brings on the action, then this is the one to choose. It is already assembled, so that it will be ready for your instant enjoyment.

As soon as you see and use this amazing RC truck, you will notice how strong it really is. Further, its highly appealing design makes it even more pleasant to use.

When you are looking for a brushless RC vehicle that provides superior maneuverability at every point, then you will like the fact that this vehicle comes through with real accuracy and precision as a result of the remote control that functions much like a piston.

You can control this vehicle at two speeds. The low speed is when you are learning to drive the vehicle and for small areas that tend to be tight.

Then the higher speed is for large areas and when you are ready for a showdown in terms of racing. 

#3 Best Under $300 – DeerC

If you do not know what to get someone as a gift, you cannot go wrong with the DeerC Brushless RC High Speed Remote Control Truck.

This brushless RC vehicle is thrilling for anyone to use; and as soon as the receiver sees this impressive looking vehicle, he or she will be eager to try it immediately.

There is something exhilarating about getting a remote before.

This unique and well made brushless RC truck can reach speeds of more than thirty-five miles per hour, which makes it so fun to race against other such types of vehicles.

This vehicle is truly up to the challenge to handle various types of terrain, which makes the ride all that more intensely exciting.

When you have been disappointed by some other brushless RC trucks due to them having motors that did not have the powerful torque that you craved, you will not be disappointed with this selection of vehicle.

You will be impressed with just how powerful it really is and that it does not lose any power at any part of the ride.

This vehicle is four wheel drive, which means that it is granted support via the provision of four strong suspensions that are independent of each other.

These suspensions also add to the amazing power of this vehicle that make its ride and performance outstanding every time. 

#4 Best Brushless Short Course Truck – Redcat Racing Blackout SC

In terms of looking for a vehicle that is powerful and that will not easily collide due to being crafted to maintain a sense of equilibrium and good control at all times, then a terrific choice of a brushless RC truck is indeed the Redcat Racing Blackout SC Pro 1/10 Scale Brushless Electric Short Course Truck.

This RC truck is perfect for many different types of environments as a result of its heavy duty motor, which ensures that the lifetime of this vehicle will be ultra long.

You will be pleased that this truck reaches high speeds to offer a wonderful racing experience.

This is a great vehicle to get due to the fact that its motor is brushless, which means this vehicle will outperform and outlast other vehicles that have brushed motors by up to as much as three times more.

You will enjoy the provision of eight options for acceleration as well as eight options in regard to timing.

This truck is ready to offer a tantalizing performance immediately and it can handle damp areas as well due to the fact that it is highly waterproof

#5 Best Brushless Monster Truck – Redcat Racing Blackout XTE PRO

The Blackout XTE is the ultimate monster truck. It’s rugged, tough, and can take a beating like no other and designed with the basher and off-road in mind!

With unprecedented 4WD chassis design with swappable interchangeable components, it lets you bash rough terrain worry free of engine damage.

The design keeps all your electronics safe while driving over just about anything in your path because that’s what this monster was built to do!

Whether you’re taking on soft or hard-packed dirt tracks, gliding over gravel roads or knocking down walls for fun – this awesome truck has it covered!

#6 Best 1/16 Scale – BEZGAR HM164

Introducing BEZGAR’s HM164 Brushless 4WD RC Truck!

This powerful RC truck is driven by a brushless motor which provides high RPM, long battery life, and fast top speed.

With every spin of the gears, you can feel the power it generates so smoothly. This truck is also a powerhouse on rough terrain at 52+ km/h.

With increased power of the Bezgar Brushless Motor, this model is guaranteed to be your favorite pick for on and off-road driving!

#7 Best 4WD Brushless Truck – VATOS Spirit

This is where innovation meets ultimate speed.

With a robust brushless motor, this RC truck has all you need to to both off-road and race at your desired speeds!

It may be small in size but it’s built tough so that it could survive even the harshest conditions (and falls) and easy enough for any novice to operate.

The rich paint job is protective and resistant against fingerprints or other types of smudges, making it consistent every time you play with dimensions just perfect for throwing jumps or running through tight spaces.

With more than a horsepower to play with, this outrageously powerful racer can take on some serious dirt trails!

#8 Best Budget Option – NUOKE

The sleek design and lightweight body make it easy to take this RC truck anywhere, and with the brushless motor generating a greater horsepower than most cars out there it’s not far fetched to say that it has great acceleration on paved surfaces too!

This is truly an all around truck that is perfect for anyone aged 8 – 98 years old.

A high quality construction makes sure to give you hours of enjoyment and never lets you down.

With its tough frame made from anti-impact PA material chassis and a suspension built for speed and comes in at a nice reasonable price tag.

#9 Best 1/10 Scale – ARRMA 1/10 Big Rock

It’s big, it’s black, and it’s got some attitude! Think of the ARRMA Big Rock 3S BLX 1/10 Scale Brushless Electric Monster Truck as your exclusive invitation to get in on the revolution.

Powering this wheeled beast is a brushless motor with an electronic speed controller backed by Spektrum Firma 3200Kv brushless motor is what combines with cutting edge hardware and revolutionary design.

When durability are at the top of your list, then look no further than the ARRMA Big Rock!

Robustly built and ready for extreme abuse, the innovative chassis design sports swappable interchangeable components including bumpers, cage guards, axle carriers etc.

Ball bearings make this powerful truck spin smooth with less upkeep required.

#10 Best 1/12 Scale – Gizmovine RTR

If you have never had an RC monster truck before and have become enchanted with them because of your friends having them and having tried them, then you will want to get your very own brushless RC monster truck for sure. That is why the TR Hobby 1:12 Scale 4WDF Brushless RC Monster Truck is highly recommended.

It is an all around good quality brushless RC monster truck that has all the power that you desire and it can handle a lot of harsh and long periods of usage.

This truck indeed provides rounds and rounds of entertainment that are undeniably exciting. This truck is well designed to handle environments that are both on the road and off the road.

That is why this vehicle can provide a highly versatile performance every time for different scenarios.

The truck is waterproof, so it can truly handle pretty much whatever you put it through.

You can use it in the rain, in wet areas and even in a swampy area.

This truck is highly durable and has the great reputation of outlasting many other such types of RC trucks on the market today. 

Buying Guide: Choosing Brushless RC Truck


You need to examine if the rc truck that you are looking at is truly a brushless motor. If it doesn’t say on the box or website then keep looking for one until it explicitly says it.

Brushed vs. Brushless Motor


Speed is one of if the the top factor in deciding which rc truck to get.

Understanding what the top speed that your truck can go can make the difference between winning and losing your race and if it’s even worth the money that you are shelling out.


Durability is yet another massive indicator for a quality remote control truck.

Getting one that can stand the test of time and one that you can use on all terrain that will take the kind of punishment that most rc trucks endure is necessary.

You never want to spend a bunch of money on something you’ve wanted for so long and it to immediately break within a couple days.

Every brushless truck that we reviewed above is top quality and will last a very long time.

Battery Life

Finding a rc truck that has a good battery life is critical. You don’t want to be charging up everything five minutes so make sure that it has a big rechargeable battery pack that will last 40 minutes plus.


Budget is another thing to consider. When it comes to remote control trucks it’s a buy nice or buy it twice situation.

You can buy a budget rc truck but chances are it’s going to not last very long and will soon be back to square one looking for a better one to buy.

We suggest you just spend an extra 20% and get a quality one that will last and has more features that you are eventually going to want anyway.

Learn how much RC vehicles cost here.


Let’s wrap up and finally get to the essance of what you need to know. Make sure you are buying a brushless motorized truck, long lasting battery and quality is exceptional and you should be good to go.

There a lot of Brushless rc trucks but we hope that we have narrowed down the decision for you to go out with confidence that you will make the right decision.