Best Yoyo For Tricks (2024) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

In this article you will learn the best yoyos for each trick you want to learn. Some of the yoyos on the market today that will empower you to perform tricks with relative ease like a real yoyo master.

You will be pleased with each of the selections that we provide below so you can finally perform each trick you want to with perfection.

Top 7 Yoyos For Tricks

#1 Best Overall – Magic Yoyo Professional Responsive Yoyo V3

The Magic Yoyo Professional Responsive Yoyo V3 is classified as being a terrific choice of a yoyo when you are just starting out doing yoyo tricks.

In fact, this is really one of the best ones on the market at this present time, which will ensure that your mastery of wonderful yoyo tricks becomes a solid reality.

This yoyo will allow you to perform a wide range of string yoyo tricks that will intrigue you and your captivated audiences.

This yoyo offers a surface that is truly premium in quality, as it is crafted of top-notch aluminum 6061, which will ensure that the yoyo is highly stabilized and well balanced when you are in the middle of performing routines at high speeds.

The sandblasting finish of this yoyo is incredibly smooth. The surface does not experience any fading, which will ensure that your yoyo looks amazing at all times.

This is important; because the reality is that when your yoyo looks great, this makes your yoyo tricks seem all that more alluring and captivating.

See the best responsive yoyo’s here.

#2 Best For Walk The Dog – Magic Yoyo Professional Unresponsive Yoyo N11

When you have been in search of a yoyo that will be great for a competition or that will make a unique and fun gift for your children or friends, then you most definitely need to consider getting the Magic Yoyo Professional Unresponsive Yoyo N11.

Indeed, it cannot be denied that this yoyo is ultra sleek and beautiful with its black body and gold accents.

This finely crafted yoyo will allow you to present an intricate masterful yoyo trick performance that will be sure to please any crowd.

What makes this yoyo supremely impressive is the fact that it sleeps ultra finely and it always performs its spins for a long period of time.

These elements add to the beauty of the performance of this high-quality yoyo. When you need a yoyo that is wonderfully stable and truly durable, this is the yoyo that you should with all certainty select.

It will perform well for you every time you use it, and you can have the confidence that it will allow you to carry out all your yoyo tricks to the end with distinctive finesse and perfection.

#3 Best For Eiffel Tower – Yomega Maverick Professional Yoyo

When you want a great yoyo that will truly allow you to perform a wide selection of over-the-top trips that will be real crowd pleasers, then it is truly worthwhile for you to get the Yomega Maverick Professional Aluminum Metal Yoyo.

Also, this yoyo is reasonably priced, which makes it a great choice when you need a yoyo that will not be too hard on your wallet in terms of how much it costs.

It cannot be denied that this is an excellent product.

Also, this is a classy-looking yoyo.

The truth of the matter is that when your yoyo is nice looking, you and the crowds will enjoy the wonderful yoyo tricks that you do even more.

This yoyo is highly durable, which means that you will not need to replace it for a long time.

The wing-shaped body design of this terrific yoyo allows you to leverage even more power in the movements that you conduct for all your alluring yoyo tricks.

#4 Best For The Elevator – Magic Yoyo Professional Responsive V6 Locas Yoyo

This Magic Yoyo Professional Responsive V6 Locas Yoyo is a stunningly impressive yoyo that will perform all your hard yoyo tricks with precision and excellence, just like you need and expect.

It coordinates well with your control of the moves to keep the tricks going smoothly without interruptions or complete stops.

This yoyo is good for those who enjoy yoyos as a casual hobby and beginners.

But this yoyo is also a hot preference of many advanced yoyo players, which means that it is utterly suitable for advanced users who are pros.

This fine quality yoyo is able to handle all the challenges of a really robust yoyo competition, where you will be able to be proud of all the tricks you do backed by the confidence that this yoyo will not let you down.

When you desire to be able to access a yoyo that will sleep for a long period of time, then this is definitely the yoyo that you need to get.

#5 Best For Throwing/Flips – Yomega Original Brain Yoyo

If you love yoyo string tricks and want to be able to do your own impressive yoyo string tricks like a pro, then you will want to invest your time, money, and effort in getting the Yomega Brain Yoyo.

This groovy yoyo is stunning in regard to the quality that it has, along with the provision of the centrifugal clutch, which makes it an excellent choice of a yoyo for all the tricks that you want to perform for your own enjoyment, if you want to enter a yoyo competition or if you want to cheer up a crowd with delightful yoyo trick entertainment.

Do note that the string of this yoyo is superbly strong to allow you much enjoyment as you do many intrinsic and impressive yoyo routines.

When you get this top-performing yoyo, you will be able to start learning string tricks immediately, as it is easy to use.

Also, it provides an extremely high level of comfort during usage, so that you will be able to enjoy doing many great tricks with this high-performing yoyo for an extended period of time. 

This is a superb yoyo and will work well for both casual yoyo users and more serious-minded yoyo users who love to compete and perform detailed yoyo trick routines to impress crowds.

This yoyo will allow you to do sleeping and spins well and will submit to your control every time, not letting you look like a fool who does not know how to complete all your yoyo tricks.

This yoyo functions with relative smoothness and real prowess, which adds to the beauty of your performance.

This is a highly durable yoyo, which means that it will not easily break or crack.

Also, the string of this finely made yoyo is super strong to allow you to perform many tricks for a long period of time.

Also, the first time that you use this professional grade yoyo, you will sense how well-balanced it is right away.

The fact of it being so well balanced will definitely contribute to you being able to perform your tricks with a higher level of agility

#6 Best For Around The World – Yomega Power Brain XP Yoyo

If you are in search of a yoyo that is highly durable, then surely you will be pleased with the Yomega Power Brain XP Yoyo. This yoyo does not crack easily and the paint does not scrape off.

You will have a boost of confidence during all your yoyo trick performances due to the fact that this yoyo works perfectly every time.

Whether you are learning new tricks, doing tricks you have already mastered, using the yoyo for your own personal fun enjoyment, performing tricks during a yoyo competition or doing amazingly skilled tricks for the enjoyment of a large crowd.

This yoyo is undeniably awesome due to the provision of the smart switch that permits the option of using the auto return or the manual form of return in order to allow you to achieve the desired effects that you are aiming for during your yoyo performance. 

This yoyo is super user-friendly, which is why it is well suited for amateur yoyo players.

The bearings in this wonderfully crafted yoyo are quiet so that they do not bother you at all when you are using this impressive yoyo for your delightful tricks in comparison to some other yoyos on the market which have bearings that are so loud that they almost drive you crazy.

You can rest assured that this yoyo will provide the exact type of equilibrium for all your fun yoyo performances.

Now though this yoyo is well suited for amateur yoyo players, this does not mean that this yoyo is not up to meeting the demands of advanced yoyo players.

This yoyo is very adept in being able to provide top-notch performances every time you use this meticulously formulated yoyo.

#7 Best For Loops – T5 Overlord Purple New Fashion Magic YoYo

When you are looking for a yoyo that will truly perform at a high level of mastery that you want and craves for all your yoyo trick performances, then the good news is that the T5 Overlord Purple New Fashion Magic YoYo is truly an incredible yoyo that will live up to all your expectations.

This well-made yoyo does most assuredly provide you with real value for the price and performance that it provides every time you engage in the usage of this distinctive yoyo.

One reason that this yoyo is reported by many for performing so well is due to the fact that the weight of this yoyo is distributed in an excellent manner, which ensures that the weight is perfectly centralized and even during every trick performance.

So it’s great for beginner yoyoists/yoyoers as well.

This means that the yoyo will not be off balance and will not flop to one particular side in order for you to complete all your tricks through to completion with real prowess and impressive quality.

You will see just how simple it is to do landing and binding when you use this fantastically crafted yoyo that offers a high level of precision every time, which is truly desirable when doing yoyo tricks of any kind.

Buying Guide: Choosing a Yoyo For Tricks

Responsive or Unresponsive?

Deciding whether to pick a responsive yoyo or an unresponsive yoyo should be your first decision. If you’re just starting out then definitely go with a responsive yoyo. Read more about what this means here.


Since yoyos are so cheap it shouldn’t be the deciding factor but for an average top-of-the-line yoyo that can perform any trick is around $20-$30.

Materials (Plastic vs. Metal?)

This is mostly personal preference whether you get a metal yoyo or a plastic one but metal yoyo do usually cost a little bit more.

Plastic breaks more easily as well. If you can I suggest going for a metal yoyo.

Make sure that the string is of the highest quality to limit breaks.

Types of Tricks

Consider the types of trick you want to do and then find the yoyo that will allow for that. Basic tricks or more advanced difficult tricks?


This guide ultimately comes down to looking for quality and keeping that in mind always when searching for the best yoyo that can do all the tricks from simple sleeping to walking the dog to the elevator and more.

We hope this article has been useful and we can’t wait to see all the tricks you have learned.

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