10 Best Responsive Yoyos 2022 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

by Hobby Source | Last Updated: August 4, 2020
10 Best Responsive Yoyos 2022 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

There are a ton of responsive yoyo’s on the market to choose from and can get quite overwhelmingly trying to find the best one for you.

That’s why we have spent the time and researched the top 10 for you.

You will have the peace of mind that all the yoyo’s that we mention here are truly first in their class and will perform wonderfully with the highest level of responsiveness that you’d expect.

#1 Best Overall (Our Top Pick) – Magic V3

When you are looking for a great responsive yoyo that will not be too cumbersome to work with, then a key factor that is important is that the yoyo should be as light in weight as possible.

Then you should consider the Magic Yoyo Professional Responsive Yoyo V3, as it is truly light in weight to allow you the comfort of usage and a higher level of agility in regard to all the wonderful tricks that you perform due to the absence of bulky weight that can otherwise hold you back from performing at your best level.

When you are looking for a wonderful yoyo that has a high level of responsiveness, then you will be pleased that this yoyo will meet your expectations most assuredly.

Also, you will be happy that this is truly a highly durable yoyo, which means that it will not easily crack or break.

#2 Best For Responsive Tricks – Magic Locus V6

If you have found that some yo-yo’s have been unnecessarily oversized, which has hindered their responsiveness, then you will be pleased with the Magic Yoyo Locus V6 Yoyo.

This yoyo will not hinder its responsiveness, as the size is comfortable for your hands in order to allow you to maintain more adept control over the yoyo at all times during your yoyo performance routine.

You will appreciate the fact that this yoyo provides the kind of equilibrium that you crave in a yoyo, which will result in your moves and tricks being carried out with more flawless precision every time.

In comparison to other yoyos on the market that does not provide such a high level of equilibrium.

When you desire to be able to achieve superiorly long spin times with your yoyo for advanced yoyo tricks, then this yoyo will truly be delightful, because it provides outstanding long springtimes that are impressive.

#3 Budget Option – Yoyo King Green Merlin

When you want a yoyo that allows for ease of catching via the string, then you should indeed consider getting the Yoyo King Green Merlin Responsive Yoyo.

This yoyo allows you to perform like a masterful pro as a result of the flared shape that makes extra weight in regard to the outer edges of the yoyo to increase the speed of the spins when you are in search of a yoyo that can live up to your demand for performing super fast spins as needed.

You will appreciate the silicone response system of this yoyo that is of an amazing high caliber to ensure that this top-quality yoyo will always maintain the best possible level of responsiveness at all times.

This is highly beneficial when you are doing tricks for your own pleasure, performing wonderful tricks to entertain a crowd or even when you are competing in a grand yoyo competition.

#4 Ametoys Magic Yoyo V3 Professional Responsive Yoyo

If you have high hopes of being crowned as the yoyo master at the next yoyo competition that you plan to attend and are in need of a new high-quality responsive yoyo that will perform all your thrilling and interesting yoyo tricks through to completion.

You will be highly benefited to invest in the Ametoys Magic Yoyo V3 Professional Responsive Yoyo.

This yoyo has a finely crafted ball-bearing axle that will permit you to achieve spin times that are super long when you use this amazing yoyo.

The string of this high-performing yoyo is impressively strong so that you can rest assured that the yoyo will not easily snap away from the string during the most intriguing parts of your advanced yoyo tricks that are sure to please many crowds.

The surface of this yoyo is ultra smooth for a more comfortable grip during usage and you will appreciate the fact that the coloring of this finely crafted yoyo does not easily fade.

Moreover, if you have been displeased by some other yoyo’s having loud functioning bearings, you will be pleased that the bearings in this yoyo are quiet, so that you and onlookers can enjoy all your fascinating yoyo tricks without any loud disruptions.

#5 Yomega Xodus II Yoyo

Truly, the Yomega Xodus II Yoyo is a wonderful traditional yoyo that is responsive at a high level, which means that it will allow you to complete all your elaborate and exciting yoyo tricks through to completion with pristine perfection.

This yoyo will not disrupt your performance by quitting on you like some other yoyo’s of lesser quality on the market tend to do.

Therefore, you will have the confidence that this fine quality yoyo is highly dependable to use even for a major yoyo competition.

Assuredly, this is a high-quality yoyo that is easy for new yoyo players to use and is suited as well as for more advanced and serious-minded yoyo players.

When you want a top-notch yoyo that can sleep and spin for long periods of time, then this is a great option for you.

Once you see this yoyo, the quality will be evident, but when you actually engage in the usage of this yoyo to perform your favorite yoyo tricks, you will truly experience the quality firsthand, as you will appreciate how meticulously this yoyo with high levels of endurance performs.

#6 Magic Yoyo Responsive Yoyo T9

Truly you will appreciate the smooth operation of Magic Yoyo Responsive Yoyo T9 that will make your yoyo performance routines in terms of looping more perfected, which will truly be noticed and admired by the crowds that you entertain with your impressive yoyo tricks.

This yoyo is without a doubt high quality in all aspects and will allow you to continue to produce distinctive tricks that will mesmerize onlookers.

Many people also like the fact that this yoyo aids in the development of better fine motor skills and also provides a more positive outcome in regard to hand and eye coordination.

If you are the kind of person who cannot give in to a low-quality yoyo, then you will be pleased that this amazing yoyo will allow you to do wonderfully appealing looping tricks with masterful precision.

#7 Magic Yoyo V6 Locus Aluminum Alloy Yoyo

When you are desperately hunting to discover a wonderful quality looping yoyo that will demonstrate real mastery when it comes to looping that you desire for your various yoyo tricks.

You will be pleased that the Magic Yoyo V6 Locus Aluminum Alloy Yoyo. is among the best indeed and will live up to your expectations.

This splendidly crafted yoyo will be truly valuable at a good price and at a high level of precision when it comes to looping tricks that you wish to add to your performance.

This yoyo is welcomed by many advanced users, as it performs with such smoothness that makes all performances demonstrate a higher level of quality and awe.

#8 Yomega Fireball Professional Responsible Transaxle Yoyo

It cannot be denied that the Yomega Fireball Professional Responsible Transaxle Yoyo is truly worth your investment when it comes to choosing a wonderful quality looping yoyo.

It will grant a smooth performance each time that you use this yoyo.

You will love the fact that this yoyo produces looping tricks with an impressive caliber that is undeniably distinctive.

This yoyo possesses the right amount of weight that has been ideally centralized in order to ensure that there is the proper equilibrium, which results in more agility for the best looping action every time.

#9 Yoyo King Proteus Professional Responsive Trick Aluminum Yoyo

If you have been a long-time fan of looping tricks and would now like to become a master of your own pleasurable looping tricks, then you will be truly benefited when you get the Yoyo King Proteus Professional Responsive Trick Aluminum Yoyo.

This yoyo is a wonderful choice due to the fact that it allows you to perform thrilling looping tricks for long periods of time as a result of being constructed with real quality.

You can be assured of an excellent performance each time that will thrill you and the crowds that you entertain.

Also, this is a great contender for a yoyo to select when you want to perform some amazing looping tricks at a major yoyo competition.

#10 Yoyo King Ghost Bi Aluminum and Steel Professional Trick Yoyo

When you plan on doing a lot of looping tricks, then you need a yoyo with a string that is supremely durable.

Therefore, the right yoyo to select is definitely the Yoyo King Ghost Bi Aluminum and Steel Professional Trick Yoyo.

This is a finely made yoyo that will empower you to perform outstanding looping yoyo tricks for the crowds who will delight in the splendor of your amazing performance that this yoyo produces at all times.

If you make this top-performing yoyo your very own, then you will find that it will be fairly simple to learn new tricks as a result of this yoyo functioning with relative ease.

In addition, you will appreciate the decent level of comfort that this yoyo provides, which means that you will be able to do even more unique yoyo tricks for an extended period of time.

Buying Guide: Choosing A Responsive Yoyo

Yoyos can come in many different shapes and sizes. Different materials have their own pros and cons, as well.

In this guide, we will explore the world of responsive yoyos – what they are, how they work, what tricks you can perform with them, and more!

There are two types of yoyos on the market – responsive and unresponsive. The best way to determine which type you need is by how well you can do tricks with it.

If you can’t perform any advanced tricks, then an unresponsive one will be great for your needs. If you’re about that life though, a responsive yoyo will get the job done better!


Not all toys come in either metal or plastic – some have both materials combined like hybrid models!

A pro of these kinds is they tend to be less expensive than a standard metal model but still play just as well because they combine two different materials together so there’s no sacrifice in quality at all!


When selecting a responsive yoyo you need to look for a few things in particular: a solid axle, good weight distribution, and low friction.

If you’re not sure how to test these features out when selecting your yoyo, I recommend looking up videos on Youtube of responsive yoyo tricks so that way you can get an idea of what it’ll feel like once you’ve bought one for yourself!


The best size for a responsive yoyo is dependent on what type of yoyo tricks you’re looking to do.

If you play with a lot of string hits or basic stalls, then the smaller-sized responsive models will work best for you!

However, if you like more advanced tricks such as sleeper combos and around-the-worlds then I recommend getting one that’s slightly bigger and heavier since it’ll be able to respond better in those situations!

Brand Name

Some brands offer some really great prices but don’t put out high-quality products so keep this in mind when buying your first few responsive yoyos because they can be expensive in general.

The lower-cost ones are typically less well made than the higher-end price ranges which is why it’s important to

There are plenty of different options available if this is something you want to invest some time into as the benefits really show through with increased skill level but don’t stress too much about picking just yet

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Responsive Yoyo? 

A responsive yoyo is one that responds to tugs and gestures and returns to your hand.

Should I Get a Responsive or Unresponsive yoyo?

It depends on where you’re at in terms of skill level but also it determines what types of tricks you want to perform.