12 Best Short Course RC Trucks (2022) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

by Hobby Source | Last Updated: August 16, 2021

Have been looking for the best short course RC truck? Then the good news is that you do not need to look any further. We will present the best ones here for your consideration.

Each one produces a top quality performance, is superiorly powerful and is made with ultra durability for much enjoyable usage.

That is why these are the most preferred short course RC trucks among many consumers at this present time.

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Top 12 Short Course RC Trucks

#1 Editor’s Pick – Redcat Racing Blackout SC

When you have a strong desire to acquire a top quality short course RC truck, then you need to consider getting the Redcat Racing Blackout SC Short Course RC Truck. The good news is that all of the electronic parts of this RC truck are waterproof.

If the electronic parts happen to experience getting wet, they will not become damaged. As a result, you will be able to continue to enjoy the usage of this finely crafted short course RC truck with confidence and ultra enjoyment.

This is a powerful four wheel drive RC truck, which revolutionizes the user experience to a whole new dimension of thrilling excitement. The body of this truck is bashable in that it will not easily dent, chip, break or crack.

This demonstrates the fact that you are truly getting a highly durable short course RC truck that can handle a lot of rugged usage and tough races against the short course RC trucks of your buddies.

Many customers like this amazing RC vehicle due to the fact that it seems to be interactive in that you can not only race this vehicle, but you can also act as a mechanic due to the chamber being adjustable as well as the toe angle being adjustable.

The brushless motor of this vehicle works flawlessly with the production of much powerful torque every time, which most assuredly heightens the sensational vibe of this thrilling RC truck.

#2 Best 2WD Short Course Truck – Traxxas Slash

If you have found that other short course RC trucks tended to be lacking in power as a result of not being constructed with a good quality four wheel drive system, then you need to get the Traxxas 58034-1 Slash Short Course RC Truck.

When you experience the power of this amazing 2WD short course RC truck, you will be superbly impressed, which is a result of the implementation of the powerful four wheel drive system of this well constructed and ultra durable short course RC vehicle.

This is truly an interesting RC vehicle to enjoy due to the various components that are interchangeable that allow you the opportunity to have fun sprucing up the user experience when racing and driving this fun truck.

There is the application of top quality ball bearings that contribute to the flexibility of this high quality vehicle in terms of its agile maneuverability. An impressive feature is that the suspension can be tuned.

Also, It is noted that you can adjust the ride height. Moreover, the shocks can be tuned as well as the gear differentials.

This is truly a highly desirable RC truck that offers much interactive enjoyment for those who like to tinker and make improvements to their RC vehicles.

#3 Best Short Course Truck For Beginners – Goolsky RC Truck

When you love to race your short course RC vehicles hard and still want to know that the short course RC vehicle will work after the rugged racing session, then you need to get the Goolsky Wltoys 12423 Short Course RC Truck.

This short course RC truck is definitely designed with much rugged usage in mind.

You will be pleased to note that this truck is highly durable , which means that it does not easily dent, crack, chip or break. This vehicle is worth your money, as you will not have to buy a new RC truck just after a few usages.

You will enjoy the fact that many of the elements of this RC truck are interchangeable for a highly engaging user experience.

This vehicle comes to you with a noteworthy and highly reliable brushless motor, which is waterproof for real ultra versatile environment conditions during usage.

You will be pleased with the strong torque in terms of steering for optimal control and performance. Also, this RC truck operates on a terrific frequency of 2.4GHz.

#4 Best 4WD Short Course Truck – Traxxas 4WD Slash Fox Truck

With only the light flip of a switch, the Traxxas 58094-1 4WD Slash Fox Short Course Truck will race off with powerful output due to the wonderfully designed four wheel drive system that offers superior suspension in comparison to other RC trucks that are on the market at this present time.

When you are looking for a great four wheel drive RC truck for short courses that will offer an ultimately thrilling user experience, then it cannot be denied that this is truly the RC vehicle that you need to get. It will seem like you have the reputation of a real racing pro, as this RC truck is both powerful and fast.

Many consumers find that this RC vehicle bypasses many other types of RC vehicles, which makes racing this RC vehicle so much fun. The pistol grip has been designed to offer extreme comfort to allow for extended periods of usage.

It is intriguing to realize that this amazingly designed four wheel drive RC truck provides a highly responsive output in regard to your command.

As a result, this is an optimal selection of an RC vehicle for those who are beginner drivers of such RC vehicles.

The steering wheel, which is covered in comfortable foam, permits you to achieve true mastery and control when it comes to all your racing sessions.

#5 Best 1/10 RC Truck – Exceed-RC

In such cases that you have been disappointed by the level of frequency of other short course RC trucks, you will not be disappointed anymore when you get the Exceed-RC 1/10 Short Course RC Truck.

This is based on the fact that this splendidly designed RC truck functions on a frequency level of 2.4GHz. It is ready to race as soon as you take it out of the box, as it is already fully assembled.

You surely will have the peace of mind that no troublesome assembly will consume your time. This wonderful short course RC truck comes with a battery and a charger. But do note that there is a need to purchase AA batteries for the remote control itself.

#6 Best 4×4 Short Course RC Truck – Arrma Senton

You will be highly impressed with the Arrma 1/10 Senton 4X4 VE Mega 550 Brushed RTR Short Course RC Truck due to the fact that it always puts out a splendid performance that is full of evident strength.

As a result, that is why this high quality four wheel drive RC vehicle has the formidable reputation of being a true favorite of those who are four wheel drive RC vehicle fans.

That is why it is understandable that when you have an insatiable desire to have a top quality four wheel drive RC truck, you must get this particular RC truck.

The good news is that each part of the electronics of this well constructed RC vehicle is noted as being ultimately waterproof.

This means that if any of the electronic parts are submerged in water, they will not sustain any form of damage.

Therefore, you will have the opportunity to continue using this thrilling RC vehicle with the reassurance that it will continue to work well for you.

The body of this vehicle is categorized as being bashable for elevated thrills during rugged usage.

This means that the body will not dent, break, chip or crack easily. This truly shows how durable this RC vehicle really is, so that you can enjoy much rugged racing with your buddies. 

#7 Losi Baja Rey 1/10 4WD Dessert Brushless BND LOS03025 RC Truck

When you crave an RC vehicle that seems somewhat interactive, then you need to get the Losi Baja Rey 1/10 4WD Dessert Brushless BND LOS03025 RC Truck. This is due to the fact that you can race this fine quality four wheel drive RC truck.

But you can also have the privilege to engage with the vehicle by being somewhat of a mechanic, such as when you have fun adjusting the toe angle, the chamber and other elements according to your desired specifications.

The motor of this finely crafted RC truck is praiseworthy for being brushless–it works with flawless effort and produces a powerful torque every time during usage.

Consequently, this most definitely contributes to the augmented sensational experience when you use this exciting four wheel drive RC vehicle.

If you have noticed that other four wheel drive RC vehicles seem to have a lag in terms of power due to not having a terrific quality four wheel drive system, then it is understandable that this is truly the right RC truck for you due to the fact that it has amazing power, which will be superbly impressive every time you have fun with this cutting edge RC vehicle.

#8 Losi 1/10 22S SCT Brushed RTR Kicker RC Truck

In such cases that you sense that you have been duped by the claims that other four wheel drive RC vehicles were powerful but then really were not, then you need to get the Losi 1/10 22S SCT Brushed RTR Kicker RC Truck.

You will discover the wonderful reality that this finely constructed four wheel drive RC truck is in no way lagging in power.

You will truly enjoy the powerful output that you experience with this thrilling RC vehicle. The four wheel drive system is well built and provides top grade suspension.

Moreover, overall, this RC vehicle is ultra durable.

When you like the parts of your RC vehicle to be interchangeable to allow for a more engaging and interactive user experience, then you will have much pleasure with this RC, as it has several interchangeable components.

Also, it is noted that the ball bearings are implemented with top quality design to aid in the agility of this vehicle in terms of maneuverability.

A feature that is impressive is the fact that you can tune the suspension as well as the ride height. 

#9 Redcat Racing Camo TT Pro 1/10 RC Truck

If you are an avid race lover when it comes to rugged races for four wheel drive RC vehicles, then you need to get the Redcat Racing Camo TT Pro 1/10 RC Truck.

This top class RC vehicle is up to the challenge of all the rugged racing sessions that you put it through.

You will be pleased to realize that this RC truck has impressive durability, which results in the reality that it does not crack, break, chip or dent easily.

This vehicle is truly worthy of your investment in terms of what you pay for it due to the fact that it will last for a long time.

Also, many of the elements of this RC vehicle tend to be interchangeable, which is why many customers find that this makes the user experience even more engaging and pleasurable.

The motor is powerful and has a brushless design.

You get optimal steering control for a well defined performance every time.

The good news is that this finely crafted RC vehicle operates on an optimal frequency of 2.4GHz.

#10 Tacon Thriller 1/14 Short Course RC Truck

With just the simple flip of a switch, the Tacon Thriller 1/14 Short Course RC Truck will be ready to zoom off for an exciting race against the other short course RC trucks of your buddies to provide a truly thrilling user experience every time.

This is the ultimate short course RC truck that will make you look like a racing pro. You will appreciate the fact that the pistol grip is comfortable for a long extended period of usage for the ultra user experience that is undeniably intriguing.

The foam steering wheel allows you real mastery and control for awesome racing adventures.

This RC truck is highly responsive to your command, which is why it is also a great short course RC truck for those who are just starting out when it comes to using a short course RC vehicle.

This is a top quality four wheel drive RC vehicle that puts out a terrific and powerful performance every time. That is the reason why this finely crafted RC vehicle proves to be a real favorite among RC vehicle enthusiasts.

#11 Team Associated RC Short Course Truck

It cannot be denied that the Team Associated 70007 RC10SC6.1 RC Short Course Truck Is a nifty selection of a great RC truck that performs at an optimal level at all times during usage.

This RC vehicle can speed along super fact for the intense thrills that you crave when using your 2WD short course RC truck.

The treads on the tires are impressive in that they are very detailed and are clearly visible.

Consequently, the tires are up to the challenge of handling large amounts of friction and grip extremely well to handle tough racing expeditions without wiping out or crashing.

This means that this vehicle brings to you supreme quality skid resistance, so that you will always have the confidence that your vehicle will be able to stay in the race and that it can handle even slippery surfaces superiorly well.

Due to the fact of this vehicle being equipped with the inclusion of a top class two wheel drive system, it is easy for this RC vehicle to complete all moves that are intense, sharp and difficult.

The remote control of this RC vehicle is noted as functioning quite well based on the premise that it has a great operational frequency at a level of 2.4 GHz. 

#12 Losi 1/18 Mini-T 2.0 Stadium 2WD RC Short Course Truck

You will surely be pleased with your choice of the Losi 1/18 Mini-T 2.0 Stadium 2WD RC Short Course Truck, as it is a truly popular choice when it comes to high precision in all areas of functionality.

Indeed, this RC vehicle is the perfect device to offer your children some new and fun experiences that will prove to be a form of wonderfully thrilling entertainment that they will enjoy for long periods of time.

This vehicle, therefore, proves to be a great intervention for children who possess low attention spans and who become bored easily.

They will have a higher level of engagement when they use this wonderfully amusing RC truck. The remote control is easy to use, which allows for a high level of driving precision.

This RC truck is a splendid option for those who are new to the world of driving RC vehicles.

It is exciting to see this top class 2WD short course RC truck zoom by so fast and win many races, as many consumers find that it is faster than many other short course trucks that are available on the market at this present time.

This is a versatile vehicle, as it functions optimally well both on smooth surfaces as well as rugged terrain. 

Buying Guide: Choosing The Perfect Short Course Truck


Determining what scale you want in a short course truck is obviously important. If you’re new to racing then get the typically1:10 scale and you can’t go wrong with any on this list.


So how much does a RC short course truck cost? They go for around $200 depending on the quality, brand, overall performance. Understanding the price range will help in giving you a range to figure out your budget and to plan accordingly.

Knowing your budget and what you are willing to spend on your truck will be key in determining which one to get. Two wheel drive rc trucks are a lot cheaper than four wheel drive trucks.


Another important factor in determining if a truck is right for you is to make sure that it is made with high quality materials and manufactured from a good brand. Not necessarily brand name but a good solid name in the industry that you can trust.

Don’t cheap out on quality. It’s the one thing that you can’t get back once you’ve gone all in on a truck.

You can get quality and not pay top of the market for a great quality truck. Expect to pay around $150 for a short course truck on a budget but still has a ton of power.


If you’ve been racing then you know all the top brands but if you haven’t then i’ll list them here:

Try and get one of these brands if you can but these are the bran names in short course racing you can however get better deals with other brands. Make sure and read reviews to make sure they are actually good.

2WD vs. 4WD

Are you going to be racing with four wheel drive or two wheel drive? This should be an easy question to answer. 4WD will cost a lot more than 2WD but you will have a lot more traction and performance depending on which truck you get.


Understanding how much you want to spend and all the different little nuances of short course trucks is key to choosing which short course truck you buy.

We hope you have found this guide helpful and we can’t wait to see you on the track.