Best Duncan Yoyo 2024 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Duncan yoyo’s are some of the best in the business. If you have become dismayed at the low quality of some of the yoyo’s that you have seen or tried recently, your frustrations can be over when you try top-quality Duncan.

They perform well. They are truly high quality and they do not easily crack or break. We present some of the best ones here for your convenience.

Top 5 Duncan Yoyos

#1 Duncan Toys Windrunner Yoyo

If you have gotten away from using a yoyo and need to refresh your skill level in order to do the tricks with a real finesse that you once loved to perform, then you will be highly benefited by investing your time, money, energy, and effort in getting and using the Duncan Toys Windrunner Yoyo.

This is a wonderful quality yoyo that is easy to use and will allow ease of coordination and movements. This is a yoyo that makes all users look like dignified yoyoer, no matter what skill level they are at.

This yoyo is made of fine quality materials that will add to the durability of this yoyo, which will lend itself to being used for many long hours of practice so that you can refine your level of skill with great pleasure.

You will be pleased with how well this yoyo performs all its tricks and how easily it returns to you.

This is a yoyo that is truly stable, which contributes to it adding a higher level of evidence quality to all the tricks that you perform whether for yourself or when you are seeking to entertain a crowd with your best and most thrilling yoyo tricks. 

#2 Duncan Toys Limelight LED Light-Up Yoyo

When you want a yoyo that has a surface that is truly premium in quality, so that it is comfortable in your hand and does not cause chafing during long periods of usage, you will find that the Duncan Toys Limelight LED Light-Up Yoyo is ultra smooth and does not provide any discomfort to your hands during usage.

This is a great yoyo for both novice yoyo users and professional yoyo users, which demonstrates the fact that this is a highly versatile yoyo due to the fact that it can accommodate a wide span of tricks for various skill levels.

This is a very durable yoyo and you will appreciate the fact that it does not easily crack or break.

Moreover, the coloring of this fine quality yoyo does not fade easily.

This means that your yoyo will always look great and will be ready for all your intrinsic and exciting yoyo routines.

Truly, this yoyo is extra alluring as a result of the fact that it lights up.

#3 Duncan Toys Butterfly XT Yoyo

If you have been upset by the fact of some yoyos just not functioning well and being rather uncooperative when you pick them up to use them, then you can rest assured that the Duncan Toys Butterfly XT Yoyo will not act up like that.

You will be pleased with how well it functions, as the Duncan company always lives up to its reputation in ensuring that all the yoyos that this company produces are indeed high-quality yoyos that perform with high levels of excellence for all yoyo users.

This yoyo has been masterfully crafted to allow for a higher level of agility in the various movements and tricks that you perform with this impressive yoyo in comparison to other yoyos that are on the market at this present time.

You will be pleased that the width of this yoyo is comfortable for your hand to handle, which ensures that you are able to be in control of all your fabulous moves with this finely crafted yoyo at all times.

Also, you will be pleased that this yoyo does not seize up and will always be ready to do tricks superbly at your command.

Truly this is a jazzy-looking yoyo that will always perform with swell pizazz.

#4 Duncan Imperial Yoyo

When you are looking for a yoyo that is slim enough to be comfortable to use as you try to get increasingly better at the various yoyo tricks that you desire to master, then you will truly be impressed with the Duncan Imperial Yoyo.

This fine quality yoyo is great for beginners as well as professional yoyo players, which showcases the fact that this yoyo provides a truly high level of agility in that it can easily adapt to performing a wide variety of wonderful yoyo tricks for different skill levels.

This yoyo makes a terrific gift as well, as a yoyo is a wonderful source of fun entertainment.

You will be impressed that the bearings in this yoyo are quiet to make your yoyo enjoyment hassle free without unpleasant loud sounds that bearings in other lesser quality yoyos on the market today can cause, unfortunately.

This is truly a wonderfully crafted yoyo and it moves so elegantly to make you look like a real yoyo master whenever you use it.

#5 Duncan Butterfly Blue Yoyo

When you want the perfect yoyo that can handle all the harshness that you put it through to perform superiorly advanced yoyo tricks with much tension, then you will enjoy displaying your ability to perform your marvelous tricks when you use the Duncan Butterfly Blue Yoyo.

This is truly a highly functional yoyo that provides almost a streamlined acrobatic effect when you do superiorly advanced tricks with this wonderfully amazing yoyo that will allow you to mesmerize crowds with utter delight for long periods of time.

This yoyo is ultra-durable, which means that it will not easily crack or break. The string on this finely crafted yoyo is also super rugged to allow you long periods of practice and performance.

Therefore, you will have the peace of mind that this yoyo will not fail you during your yoyo performance routine during a major yoyo competition. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Duncan Butterfly a good yoyo?

Yes, the Duncan butterfly is a great yoyo for beginners and intermediates. Although the price is cheap, it is a relatively quality yoyo. Get it here.

Can a Duncan Butterfly yoyo sleep?

Kind of, the butterfly yoyo will only sleep, long enough to have any enjoyment, if it has a bearing that you can somewhat implement but you might as well just spend a few more bucks and get one with a bearing already intact.

Is the Duncan Butterfly responsive?

No the Duncan butterfly yoyo is not responsive.

Read more about the different types of yoyos and the difference between responsive and unresponsive yoyos.

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