Best RC Rock Crawler For The Money (2024) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Have you been on the hunt for a great RC crawler for the money?

It can be tough deciding which remote control rock crawler to spend money on, but it doesn’t have to be so difficult with our list.

We will be reviewing twelve rock crawlers and all of their features.

This is a buyer’s guide to help make your decision easier and less time consuming!

All of these products are high quality and come at various price points – we hope this helps!

In a Hurry? Quick Guide:

Top 12 Rock Crawlers For The Money

#1 Best Overall (Editor’s Pick) – Redcat Racing Everest-10 RC Crawler

When you are looking for a powerful RC crawler that will put out a great performance every time during usage, then you will enjoy using the Redcat Racing Everest-10 Rock Crawler most assuredly.

When you are looking for a top of the line crawler that is strong, then this is without a doubt the vehicle that fits that scenario, as it can handle much rugged usage for long periods of time.

Indeed, this vehicle has been designed with durability in mind, as it does not easily dent, crack, chip or break.

This fine quality RC crawler comes with the provision of a wireless remote control that operates on a decent performing frequency of 2.4 GHz.

As a result, there is no jamming or interference when this remote control is used for the sake of controlling this amazing and thrilling RC crawler.

Therefore, you can have a stable sense of real control of this crawler at all times. Moreover, this crawler comes with a rechargeable battery that has a large capacity at 4.8 V. 

When you are looking for a top quality RC crawler that is able to climb super well, then you need to get the Redcat Racing Everest-10 RC Crawler.

This amazing crawler is a powerful off road vehicle. It is designed with an impressive four wheel drive system that most assuredly contributes to the enhancement of the climbing ability of this fine quality RC vehicle.

Moreover, this crawler is able to handle all kinds of various terrains. Due to the provision of motors both at the front part as well as the back part of this crawler, you will notice right away how powerful this vehicle proves to be.

When you have found that some crawlers have not had the kind of high speed that you crave, which let you down somewhat, then you will be highly thrilled that this crawler is super fast.

This is due to the fact that it is able to reach a speed of as much as 15 miles per hour. You will love using this fun RC crawler on mountainous slopes, stony areas, concrete and sand.

You will be impressed that the rubber tires that are placed on this thrilling RC crawler deliver a non-skid performance when the vehicle is achieving its top speed, even going around turns.

#2 Best Under $200 – Danchee Ridge Rock 4WD RC Crawler

When you want an RC crawler that gives you the next best thrill to a real racing vehicle because of the high speed, then you need to get the Danchee Ridge Rock 4WD RC Crawler.

This RC vehicle puts out an exuberant performance every time with powerful torque and a fast speed up to twenty-five kilometers per hour.

That means that you will enjoy some fun racing times for sure and likely will be able to bypass many other RC crawlers, since many consumers prefer this RC crawler as a result of it being so fast in comparison to other crawlers that seem to lag in speed somewhat.

This vehicle is finely crafted with PVC rubber tires, so that they are non-slip to give a better skid free performance at high speed.

Also, these tires have been meticulously designed to be shock proof in order to provide a higher level of resistance to collisions as well as increasing the reduction of shocks when the crawler is in driving mode.

Moreover, it is noteworthy to realize that there has been the provision of a gasket that is shockproof, which has been applied to each individual tire.

This has been done in order to ensure the prevention of the sustaining of any form of damage to the internal electronic parts as well as the chassis that could otherwise be a result of intense vibration. 

#3 Best Under $100 – Rraycom RGT RC Rock Crawler

A wonderful quality RC rock crawler that will prove not to be too hard on your budget is the Rraycom RGT RC Rock Crawler.

You will be impressed by the high level of flexibility of this fine quality crawler due to the fact of the wheels each having its very own suspension spring.

As a result, this results in the body of the car being more flexible. This car, therefore, is up to the challenge of rugged usage when you are looking for a super thrilling time.

There is the provision of a quality protection rack, which is secured well to provide the extra assurance that this RC rock crawler is indeed durable and firm as you expect it to be.

The materials that are applied during the construction process are noted as being superior in quality, which means that they aid in expanding the lifespan of this rock crawler.

As a result of this finely crafted vehicle having the placement of a direction spinner at the bottom, you are, therefore, empowered to make adjustments to the vehicle instantly in such cases that the vehicle may not be going in a straight path, which enhances the experience to a more optimal level. 

#4 Best Under $50 – DEERC DE45 1:16 RC Crawler

In such cases that you are searching for an RC crawler that is able to support two modes of operation during usage, then you will be pleased with the DEERC DE45 1:16 RC Crawler.

This well constructed RC vehicle promotes the usage of various modes based on the types of diverse terrain that the vehicle encounters.

When the road is flat, then it is advised to use the on road mode. This mode is the mode that is recommended when you are racing at high speeds as well on surfaces that are flat, such as concrete.

When you notice that the terrain is rugged, then it is advised to use the off road mode. The good news is that the body of this RC crawler is indeed transformable.

As a result, this contributes to the high level of flexibility of this splendid RC crawler, which in turn does visibly enhance the climbing performance.

Moreover, customers have found that the fact that the vehicle has a body that is transformable also increases the stability of the vehicle. This is also a really fun product for children to use.

It will keep them occupied for a long period of time with much enjoyment.

#5 Redcat Racing Everest Gen7 Rock Crawler

When you want a wonderful selection of an impressive RC crawler that can achieve a fast speed to at least twenty-five kilometers per hour, then you need to get the Redcat Racing Everest Gen7 Rock Crawler.

This is an exciting crawler that is an ambitious racer most assuredly and you will likely beat many other crawlers in races, which the owners of the other RC crawlers will not expect.

But being the champion winner of many RC crawler races will be extremely pleasurable for you.

You will also be pleased that this vehicle has superior quality climbing power, so that you can use it on stony areas, mountainous slopes, concrete, grass and sand.

If you have noticed that some other tires tend to be slippery on various terrains, you will be happy to realize that these tires are designed to be non-slip for the ultra driving, climbing and racing experience every time. 

#6 RGT 1:10 4WD RC Crawler

The RGT 1:10 RC Crawler is a great off road RC vehicle that can handle many types of rugged terrain. The good news is that this RC crawler is truly convenient due to the fact that it comes with the provision of rechargeable batteries.

This is a powerful four wheel drive vehicle that possesses a motor at the front of the vehicle as well as at the back of the vehicle

Also, it is realized that these well constructed tires are strong contributors to the climbing ability of the vehicle and its empowerment to achieve the crossing of many diverse types of obstacles.

This fine quality RC crawler comes with the provision of a wireless remote control that operates on a decent performing frequency of 2.4 GHz.

This is a high speed crawler that is optimal to control with relative ease, which is why it is a great option for those who are just starting out using RC crawlers. 

#7 Panda Hobby Tetra RC Crawler

If you are looking for a finely crafted RC crawler that can handle the harsh things that you put it through and that will not easily break, then you will be pleased that the Panda Hobby Tetra RC Crawler will be up to the challenge and ready for anything that you put it through for a superb ride and thrilling experience every time.

Maybe you have been disappointed that the batteries of other RC crawlers have just quit without any warning.

But you will be happy to know that the remote control of this vehicle comes with the provision of a low battery indicator, which is noted via a flashing light when the batteries experience low voltage.

Maybe you have found that the frequency modulation of other remote controls of RC crawlers seemed to be difficult to manage, but you can have the peace of mind that it is easy to regulate the frequency modulation of this RC crawler that provides many hours of enjoyment for users. 

#8 Double E 1:12 RC Crawler

When you want an RC crawler that comes with a powerful battery, so that you can be reassured that the vehicle will put out the best performance every time, then you need to get the Double E 1:12 RC Crawler.

This RC crawler comes with a battery that offers a voltage of 4.0. Do be careful to not overcharge the battery, as then it may not work. No battery should ever be charged longer than a period of four humors.

If you are looking for a high speed crawler, this is the one to get, as it takes off super fast and maintains a high speed until you stop the crawler. This makes the crawler fun to race against your buddies.

Once you push the lever of the remote control, you will be impressed by the powerful torque that this RC crawler puts forth.

This vehicle is undeniably powerful to offer a peak performance that will be splendid every time, both on smooth terrain as well as on rugged terrain

This is a vehicle that brings much delight to both children as well as adults.

Moreover, if children have never used an RC crawler before, this is a great one for those who are just starting out, as it is easy to use and makes for a truly user friendly experience.

#9 Fistone 1:18 RC Rock Crawler

When you want a great performing RC rock crawler that is able to handle a lot of ruggedness in terms of usage, then you need to get the Fistone 1:18 RC Rock Crawler.

This amazing RC rock crawler will not let you down, as it is truly up to the rugged challenges that you send its way.

This vehicle does not easily dent, break or sustain damage in such instances that the rock crawler crashes into something, which demonstrates just how rugged this finely crafted rock crawler really proves to be.

This is a great RC rock crawler for beginners. Rock crawler users based on the premise that it is indeed easy to use, which means the user has a terrific user friendly experience every time with this fun rock crawler.

You will enjoy trying the shockproof functionality pertaining to the body of this vehicle, which does a great job when it comes to ensuring the protection of the electronics, which are placed inside the body of the crawler to make it operate.

#10 Perseids 1:12 RC Rock Crawler

When you desire a high performing RC crawler that comes with great rubber tires that are able to climb pretty much anything without becoming damaged easily, then you need to get the Perseids 1:12 RC Rock Crawler.

You will be pleased that these rubber tires are constructed with PVC material that is of supremely high quality. It is noted that the material in the tires has a high level of elasticity and is soft.

You will like the fact that the tires, in fact, can be adjusted in order to accommodate various types of terrain, such as an even road or terrain that is rugged and uneven.

This vehicle has been installed with an impressively strong motor. In fact, it comes with the provision of two motors that function super well for the ultimate RC crawling experience.

Therefore, it is noted that there is the placement of a motor at the front of this fun rock crawler and another one is noted as being placed at the back of the vehicle.

Moreover, this RC rock crawler has been designed with an excellent four wheel drive system that contributes to the output of a more powerful torque.

#11 SZJJX 1:18 RC Rock Crawler

The SZJJX 1:18 RC Rock Crawler is a nifty option of a nice RC rock crawler that performs optimally well at all times. This RC vehicle can drive ultra fast for that thrill that you are seeking when using your RC rock crawler.

The tires have impressive treads that are highly detailed and truly visible. They can handle high amounts of friction and provide extreme gripping to conquer any type of crawling expeditions that you put this powerful machine through.

Therefore, this vehicle provides ultra skid resistance and you will not have to worry about being able to use this rock crawler on slippery areas, as this vehicle is ready to handle all slippery situations without skidding.

Due to the fact of this vehicle being constructed with the provision of an outstanding four wheel drive system, it is easy for this super fun RC rock crawler to engage in the completion of moves that are undeniably intense and difficult.

The remote control functions supremely well due to the provision of a good operational frequency of 2.4 Ghz.

#12 WLtoys 1:12 RC Rock Crawler

You will be pleased with the WLtoys 1:12 RC Rock Crawler, which is truly a popular selection when it comes to a great functioning RC crawler that is budget friendly.

It cannot be denied that this RC rock crawler is the perfect, new and fun experience for your children to bring thrilling entertainment for long periods of time.

This is a great option for kids who have low attention spans, who fidget a lot or who seem bored. They will be highly engaged with this RC rock crawler that is easy to control with the excellent quality remote control.

Therefore, this is a nice RC rock crawler for those who are newbies in using such remote control vehicles. This is a thrilling off road rock crawler that can be used both outside as well as inside.

It is exciting to watch this vehicle masterfully climb over a wide variety of objects.

This RC rock crawler is able to function well both on smooth and uneven surfaces. It is truly a wonderfully versatile rock crawler in that it is able to handle paving, rugged terrain, grassland, sand, rocks, shallow water and even mud.

Choosing: Finding The Right Rock Crawler For The Value/Money


Before anything you need to have a budget that can guide you through your process of looking for the perfect crawler that rides the line of quality and price.


To find the one for you try looking at the best rock crawler brands and maybe see their products a few rungs down the price. This will allow a nice balance knowing that most brands that own their space won’t manufacture terrible products.


You can easily find cheaper rock crawlers the smaller you get. Determine if this is something that makes sense for you and can live with.


Brushed motors cost less than brushless motors so this can dramatically reduce the price if this is something you are willing to go without.

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