Best Metal Detector For Depth 2024 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Looking for the best metal detector that has the deepest technology and capabilities to penetrate the earth and find more treasure?

The metal detectors we have thoroughly reviewed so that you can have confidence in and that these metal detectors will be truly impressive in regard to the level of depth that they provide when you are searching for metal treasures.

Top 5 Deepest Metal Detectors

#1 Garret ACE 400 55 Year Anniversary Special Metal Detector GAR1141255 – Best Overall For Depth

The Garret ACE 400 55 Year Anniversary Special Metal Detector GAR1141255 is impressive in that it comes equipped with iron audio.

This will permit you to hear iron targets that are discriminated and you are able to also conduct the altering of the signal range at the mid-tone level.

You will also be pleased that this well made metal detector also provides digital target identification. It offers a scale from 0 to 99, so that there can be the targeting of information with high predictability and accuracy.

This metal detector provides superior frequency in comparison to many other metal detectors that are available on the market today due to the fact that it grants the provision of improved sensitivity in regard to targets that produce low to medium conductivity ranges, which takes into inclusion lead as well as gold.

In addition, you will appreciate the fact that you can adjust the level of frequency, as this will aid in the elimination of any interference.

This device is comfortable to handle and is light in weight, which will permit extended periods of usage.

#2 Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector – Best Budget Option

When you want a great metal detector in terms of depth, you must indeed get the Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector.

Also, you will be impressed with the high-quality cam locks that will allow for the improved stability of the stem of your device. This amazing metal detector also comes with pulse-width modulation audio.

Many consumers have noted, therefore, that this high-quality device, provides audio that is noticeably more responsive and sharper.

The DD search coil measures 8.5 inches by 11 inches and is submersible. It always conducts superior coverage and depth every time you use this truly clever and high-performing device.

This device also has iron resolution that is amazingly enhanced, which means that this metal detector provides double the resolution of a regular ACE 250 model in order to aid in the separation of positive targets from those that are junk iron targets. 

#3 Garret AT Pro 55 Year Anniversary Special Metal Detector – Best For Coins

When you are highly desirous to obtain a metal detector that provides a coil detector and pinpointer that are made to be truly waterproof, then you need to invest your time and money in getting the Garret AT Pro 55 Year Anniversary Special Metal Detector.

Do note that though the coil and the pinpointer can certainly handle water and wet conditions, you are highly advised to ensure that you do not submerge any part of the control box due to the fact that the control box does not possess waterproofing.

A normal depth for this metal detector is about four feet in ordinary conditions. But it can sometimes detect metal as far down as ten to fourteen feet in conditions where the soil is neutral.

Also, note that the level of detection in regard to depth will be based on how patient the user of the device is and how well the user applies various techniques, such as which type of sweep to use.

This device is light in weight and can easily be transported to enjoy much searching. 

#4 Fisher F44 Metal Detector – Best For Gold

If you have been disappointed because a former metal detector that you had did not have electronic pinpointing, then you will be definitely pleased with the Fisher F44 Metal Detector.

Indeed, the electronic pinpointing of this finely crafted metal detector provides high precision in regard to pinpointing the things you are looking for every time.

You will appreciate the fact that this is truly an impressive and high-quality metal detector as a result of the fact that this metal detector actually comes with the provision of eight adjustments for depth and sensitivity.

Also, you will appreciate the fact that there is a coin depth indicator implemented into the construction of this device, which certainly adds an extra element that is beneficial.

Further, what makes this sturdy and durable metal detector even more exciting to use is the inclusion of the target identification legend that is expanded and which provides indications in regard to denominations of US coins. 

#5 Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector

When you are looking for a great quality metal detector for depth that offers electronic pinpointing, then you will surely be pleased when you select the Fisher F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector.

This wonderfully made metal detector is of superior quality in terms of its electronic pinpointing mechanism.

This device provides the precise location of targets and makes recovery much more speedy.

Also, you will truly enjoy the notch discrimination, as this will allow you to conduct the modification of discrimination patterns that are correlated to the type of items that you are searching for.

This is an impressive metal detector due to the fact that it allows for the selection of five search modes, while other metal detectors do not offer as many.

It is common for many metal detectors to offer only three search modes.

Also, this is a highly distinctive metal detector as a result of the electronic pinpoint mechanism, which is not always part of the various types of metal detectors that are made for consumers today. 

Frequently Asked Question

How Deep Can A Garrett Pro Detect?

4″ to 10″ is normal depending on soil conditions.

How Deep Can Metal Detectors Detect Coins?

Most metal detectors can detect 5 to 12 inches below to identify coins or coin-shaped items.

How Deep Can A Gold Detector Detect?

Depending on the size, shape and condition of the gold nugget, a great machine can detect 3 to 10 feet.

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