5 Yoyo Tips for Beginners

How does one yoyo? This is a common question for beginners. Yoyos are fun toys that have been around for many years and now they’re back in full force!

The five tips below will help you get started with your new toy.

5 Beginner Yoyo Tips

1. Find The Right Size

First, make sure to find the right size yoyo for your hand. It should be comfortable to hold and should not slip out of your fingers too easily.

Making sure that you have the perfect size yoyo is a major factor in learning how to yoyo.

You need a good size to prevent the yoyo from slipping out from your fingers so quickly do they have enough grip on such a toy.

If having a smaller than average-sized hand then may want to go up just half an inch bigger but always remember what’ll work best really will depend upon personal preference.

2. Hand Positioning

Next, make sure to hold it so that the string is coming from between your thumb and pointer finger instead of between all four fingers on one hand.

Yoyo position is key for performing any type of trick or throw.

In order to perform a trick, you must first learn two things: what type of yoyo tricks are and how the positioning works for your particular style or preferred throw (there is no “right” way).

The string should always be coming from between the thumb finger on one hand with either all four fingers in opposite position holding it together tightly at the other end OR pointer/middle finder index if not using both hands when performing throws like sleeper release.

This helps keep the tension even throughout the performance so that once yo-yo starts spinning again while still off strings there will already be enough momentum built up which keeps the tempo constant during sleepers & slacks etc).

Pay attention as well where each person’s thumbs go because some people prefer them behind

3. Throwing

Finally, throw the yoyo up into the air and let go of both ends at once as it reaches its peak height; this will cause it to spin.

As it begins to come back down, use your fingers and thumb on the side you’re catching (either right or left) as a guide.

The string should be coming from between this finger gap that will grab onto one of two strings attached in opposite directions at different points around its rim—the “hitch,” which is essentially what holds up any yo-yo for tricks like loops!

4. Consistency

Consistency is key just like in everything make sure to practice a lot by going slower and then picking up speed.

This will help you learn your own personal throwing style. Try different throws, some are easy and others not so much!

If a yoyo gets stuck then try changing where the string is coming from on both hands—this usually helps with getting unstuck if it’s just been sitting for too long to come down when thrown up in one motion like before as well as being able to resist gravity more often which can be helpful while learning tricks such that loops or whips since holding them longer requires extra effort against said force of gravitational pull.

When throwing again after each catch until comfortable with speed control over catches then start experimenting more by changing direction midway through throws etc.

Always keep an eye out so both hands aren’t facing the same way too long during play; better yet buy additional yoyo(s), find friends who want help learning how & have fun exploring all kinds o’ new skills.

5. Minimize Movement

Minimize your movement when throwing to get a more accurate throwing motion and shakiness will be minimized.

Note that the more you practice, these tricks will come much smoother and it’ll also help with minimizing movement when throwing


In conclusion, we hope that we have given you some helpful tips to get started with yoyo as a beginner. Remember, practice makes perfect so don’t give up easily and keep practicing!

The best way for any newbie is just to start catching your first throws until comfortable enough before trying anything more difficult like changing direction midway through the throw or spinning it on one string etc.

With time everything will become much easier.

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