10 Best RC Rock Crawlers For Beginners (2024) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

If you are new to RC crawlers and looking for the perfect one for you then you are in the right place.

You probably have no idea what you should be looking for in a good crawler either am I right? Well that’s where we come in.

We have reviewed the best RC rock crawlers on the market where you will be sure to find the one that’s right for your situation.

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Top 10 Beginner RC Rock Crawlers

#1 Editor’s Pick – Redcat Racing Everest-10 RC Rock Crawler

If you have found that other RC crawlers that you have tried have not demonstrated a terrific climbing ability, though there were claims made that they could climb ultra well, you will surely not be disappointed when you get the Redcat Racing Everest-10 RC Rock Crawler.

Indeed, the Redcat Racing company knows that you want an RC rock crawler that can climb really well, which is why this amazing rock crawler is designed to do that.

It is as if this vehicle has a mind that is focused on climbing and performing well at all times.

The rubber tires on this RC crawler are made to be high caliber, which is demonstrated by the fact that they are shockproof and skidproof.

This vehicle is able to handle monumental climbing challenges due to the fact of each wheel being provided with its own suspension spring, which makes watching this machine crawl almost insurmountable obstacles a real boost of adrenaline excitement.

It cannot be denied that this is a top class RC rock crawler that is ideal for first time users.

But it is also a great source of enjoyment for those who are more advanced when it comes to the usage of RC rock crawlers. 

#2 Best Value – Danchee Ridgerock 1:10 RTR RC Rock Crawler

In such cases that you have experienced some other RC crawlers not having long lasting power, then you will be pleased when you get the Danchee Ridgerock 1:10 RTR RC Rock Crawler.

This is due to the fact that it will provide a wonderfully thrilling user experience as a result of its long lasting power during usage every time.

Therefore, you can have the peace of mind that this stunning and powerful RC crawler will not easily stall and will not seem sluggish.

Therefore, it will truly respond to your various climbing commands, so that you can have a blast of a time watching this strong RC crawler energetically handle the rugged challenges that you put it through every time.

You will be pleased that this RC crawler does not easily skid due to the tires having great treads and being flexible with a high level of elasticity in order to be able to easily accommodate various types of terrain.

This truly is a great vehicle to use for beginners, as it is not complex and responds well to user commands to provide a fun experience every time during usage.

#3 Best Performance – Axial Capra 1.9 Unlimited RC Rock Crawler

In such cases that you have noted that other RC crawlers have not displayed powerful climbing action according to the hyped up promises of the claims that indicated that the RC crawlers could perform super well in terms of climbing, then your disappointment will be over when you invest your time, money and energy in getting the Axial Capra 1.9 Unlimited RC Rock Crawler.

Truly, this rock crawler has been designed to keep climbing superbly well every time during usage.

Your focus will be glued to this vehicle with thrilling amazement, as you delight in watching this strong and rugged RC rock crawler climb over many different types of objects without any struggles.

The tires are made of rubber and are noted as being of high caliber. This is proven by the fact that these tires do not skid and they are, indeed, shockproof.

Due to the fact of each wheel being designed with the placement of its own particular suspension spring, this rock crawler is able to tackle the monumental climbing challenges that are captivating for you and onlookers to enjoy watching.

This vehicle proves to be top of the line and is perfect for both advanced users as well as beginner RC rock crawler users. 

#4 Best Speed – Axial Wraith RC Rock Crawler

When quality is of supreme importance to you in regard to your RC rock crawler, then you need to get the Axial Wraith RC Rock Crawler.

It is truly worth the money that you spend on it, as this RC rock crawler demonstrates a powerful level of flexibility as a result of each wheel being crafted with the provision of its very own suspension spring.

Therefore, this increases the flexibility of the body of the rock crawler, so that this finely crafted RC vehicle can withstand much rugged usage for all your RC rock crawler climbing thrills.

Moreover, there is the implementation of a decent protection rack that is well secured in place in order to grant the assurance that this RC vehicle is truly both firm and durable.

All the materials that are used in the process of creating this masterfully designed RC rock crawler are definitely of superb quality.

This results in the materials aiding to lengthen the lifespan of this amazing RC vehicle.

If you happen to notice the RC rock crawler is starting to go in a jagged motion, you can immediately make adjustments with the direction spinner that is noted as being placed at the bottom of the vehicle.

This will ensure that the vehicle works optimally at all times.

#5 Sharkool 1:16 RC Rock Crawler

If you have been searching such a long time for a top notch RC rock crawler that possesses excellent stunt controls as a result of some other crawlers tending to possess stunt controls that were rather weak, which caused the RC rock crawlers to lag in power concerning their stunt performances, then you need to most assuredly invest your time, effort and money in getting the Sharkool 2020 Updated 1:16 RC Rock Crawler.

You will be amazed at how zestfully powerful the stunt controls really are, as you will, without a doubt, take notice with a high level of pleasure how responsive they really are.

Consequently, you will be able to enjoy many stunts being performed with real precision and prowess without there being any lapses of power.

Therefore, this RC rock crawler tends to be a real crowd pleaser.

Each side of the vehicle has been meticulously designed to operate independently on its own merit, which results in this fine quality RC rock crawler being super fast and strong.

It demonstrates top class maneuverability for the ultra pleasurable user experience every time. 

#6 SteamPrime High Speed Stunt RC Rock Crawler 

Surely you will be highly pleased in regard to the SteamPrime High Speed Stunt RC Rock Crawler, which is notably a great selection that has gained much popularity due to the fact that it functions optimally well.

It cannot be denied that this is a wonderful RC crawler when you are looking to engage your family in a fun new activity that will provide thrilling entertainment for everyone.

Parents have also found that this has become a terrific companion to children who have love attention spans.

The children have become more engaged with this fine quality RC rock crawler than with their other activities, which is largely due to the fact that it is easy for both adults and children to control via the use of the high quality remote that demonstrates a true standard of excellence.

As a result, this is a pleasant RC crawler for those who are advanced RC rock crawler users, but it also proves to be a great option for those who are newbies as well when it comes to RC rock crawlers.

This is an exciting rock crawler that can accommodate both outdoor usage as well as indoor usage.

It is thrilling to watch this amazing and powerful rock crawler climb over a wide assortment of items with masterful prowess every time.

This RC rock crawler performs extremely well on rough and uneven terrain as well as slick and smooth surfaces.

Therefore, this top of the line RC vehicle is regarded as being highly versatile due to the fact that it has been meticulously designed to be able to tackle rocks, sand, shallow water, rugged terrain, slopes, concrete, grassland and mud as well. 

#7 Laegendary 1:10 Large RTR RC Rock Crawler

If you are the kind of person who loves to get an adrenaline rush from high speeds, then you will be impressed by the high speed of the Laegendary 1:10 Large RTR RC Rock Crawler.

This great quality RC rock crawler is noteworthy in that it provides an exhilarating performance every time with such powerful torque, that many prefer this vehicle because of this quality of torque.

That means that you will truly experience some incredibly splendid racing times and will likely see your rock crawler bypass other ones due to its incredible speed of twenty-five kilometers per hour.

The PVC tires of this rock crawler are carefully constructed, so that they provide you with a thrilling experience with no skidding or slipping during high speeds.

Moreover these tires are noted as being shockproof, which allows them to conduct a more augmented level of resistance in regard to collisions.

Also, this aids in the reduction of the experiencing of any shocks in such cases that the rock crawler happens to be in driving mode.

Due to the provision of a gasket, which is also considered to be shockproof, which has been connected to each particular tire, this ensures a higher level of protection against the sustaining of any type of damage concerning the internal electronics of the car along with the body of the car when there are high levels of vibration.

#8 Zipoute High Speed RC Rock Crawler

If you need to give a gift to someone who already has everything, then you cannot go wrong with giving the Zipoute High Speed RC Rock Crawler as a great gift.

The reality is that adults as well as kids are thrilled to enjoy using this amazingly intriguing RC rock crawler.

It is the perfect rock crawler for beginners as well, so that even those who are just starting out with experimenting in the usage of such a rock crawler are usually extremely satisfied with their experience.

Due to this high quality RC rock crawler being crafted with ultra stability in mind, you will be glad that this serves as a great form of protection against damage from crashes or abrasion.

You will have the peace of mind that this nifty RC rock crawler is able to handle much rugged usage and will not easily dent, break, chip or scratch.

Even beginner RC crawler users will seem like a pro due to the wireless remote control being so easy to use. It comes with full functionality, which means that the remote control allows the RC crawler to go in reverse, to go forward and to also turn right or left.

#9 W-Monster 1:18 All Terrain RC Rock Crawler

If you have been disappointed by some other RC rock crawlers that you have tried as a result of the remote control not being as accurate as it should be that resulted in the RC rock crawler stalling, not performing all your commands or seeming to be sluggish, then you need to get the amazing and powerful W-Monster 1:18 All Terrain RC Rock Crawler.

When you use this RC rock crawler, you will be pleased at the high level of accuracy that is provided via the usage of the remote control that comes with this finely crafted rock crawler.

The remote control and the RC rock crawler are well synchronized with each other, so that the RC crawler will not stall, will respond to all your commands and will not experience a state of sluggishness.

This RC crawler possesses a response speed that is ultra fast. The distance range of this impressive RC crawler is up to one hundred meters.

#10 SZJJX 1:18 Off Road RC Rock Crawler

When you have been thinking that you need something new and fun to do with the family, then your family will be delighted with the SZJJX 1:18 Off Road RC Rock Crawler. This is a fun RC rock crawler that provides much enjoyable amusement for everyone.

This RC crawler comes with the provision of a remote control that is highly accurate, as it is sensitive to your commands. Also, the remote control operates on an optimal frequency for 2.4 Ghz. You will appreciate the fact that there will not be the experience of jamming.

This is an ultra rugged vehicle that is great to use indoors as well as outdoors. It can handle a wide variety of various terrain scenarios, such as mud, grassland, shallow water, rocky area, slopes, sand and concrete.

This vehicle puts out a powerful torque for a great performance every time during usage, which is why this impressive RC crawler is one of the most preferred ones on the market today. 

Buying Guide: Choosing a RC Rock Crawler As a Beginner


Make sure your rc crawler has a ton of power. Crawling up rocks and other rough terrain requires an immense amount of it.


Another important factor is battery life. Since the crawler needs so much power it drains the battery faster that you normal truck or car would so make sure to look in the description to find how long it will last. Also make sure they are rechargeable.


RC motors always come down to two options of motors, rushed or brushless. Without going down the rabbit hole of the specifics here’s what you need to know.

Brushless motors are usually better in everyway, but they are way more expensive. If you are just dipping your toe in to this hobby then you can pick up a brushed crawler and have a lot of fun.


The bigger the size and scale the more expensive it is going to be. Most rock crawlers are 1:18 scale but you can get really good ones at 1:10.


This is one that is up to you. How much are you willing to spend on your rock crawler? Do you want the top of the line brushless, long lasting battery or can you settle for mediocre?

You will also have to juggle all of these factors in making your decision.

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