Short Course vs. Stadium vs. Monster RC Trucks (What’s The Difference?)

We will briefly cover the three types of trucks that are often raced on Short Course, Stadium and Monster Truck tracks.

We will go into more detail down below about each type of truck. For now, here is a quick overview:

The main difference is that Short Course trucks are typically raced on a smaller, indoor track. Stadium Trucks race at larger outdoor tracks and Monster Truck races take place in stadiums or arenas with dirt floors that can be used for other events such as motocross racing.

What These RC Trucks Are

Short course:  Short course trucks are an offroad RC car designed to run primarily indoors (although they also have been seen running outside).

They’re usually about the size of your average remote control toy vehicle – maybe around 12 inches long by six wide?

These cars often use nitro fuel which makes them go faster than electric powered vehicles but it’s not uncommon either!

Some people say these types tend more towards “technical” driving because there isn’t much room between obstacles so you need quick reflex

These trucks are designed to race on smaller tracks and come in two sizes – 1/10th scale which is perfect for beginners and 8th scale which can be used by advanced drivers who want to push their limits with larger models.

They have an open class where almost any modification can be made to the truck as long as it does not break the rules or increase weight beyond what is allowed for a specific track size.

Stadium Trucks: These trucks are designed to race on a larger track and are typically used by beginners.

They come in two sizes – 12th scale which is perfect for younger drivers who want an easy start, or 16-18 inch models that can be driven with more skill but still have the same ease of use as their smaller counterparts

Monster Trucks: These trucks were designed to be big and fast and are typically used by more advanced drivers.

They come in two sizes – 18-24 inch models that can be driven with a lot of skill, or 24+ inches which is designed for the most skilled driver who wants to push their limits

What’s The Difference Between These Trucks?

As mentioned above these three types differ by what type they race with rules wise; stadium being beginner friendly while monster has more advanced skills needed like driving experience etc, so it really depends how skilled driver wants themselves too become when deciding between one over another!

Truck Size/Scale

You can also find different sized trucks and different scales to choose from for each type of truck.

For example, the short course trucks range from 12th scale which is great if you’re just starting out or 16-18 inch models that are easier than their larger counterparts but still have a level of skill required as bigger ones. 

The stadium truck size ranges between 18 and 24 inches in length while monster can be anywhere up to 36inches!

So it really depends on what type driver wants themselves too become when deciding over one another because they all offer something different for each person’s needs; whether beginner friendly with smaller scales like Short Course Trucks or more advanced skills needed like driving experience etc. 

So it’s best not rush into anything without thinking about how skilled drivers want themselves to become before making any decisions!

Types of Tracks

The different types of tracks that each of these trucks race on are also different. Short Course Trucks race on a smaller track, usually around 12 inches in length and width while Stadium trucks are much larger with the size ranging from 18-24inches!

The size difference between each track also plays an important role within deciding over just simply choosing.

Stadium Trucks can only race within stadiums because their smaller scale makes then easier too maneuver around tight corners so its not necessary when driving skills come into play (but if someone wants themselves become an advanced driver) 

Monster Truck Racing has no size restrictions whatsoever meaning there isn’t one type that is better than another because all types can compete with each other on any track or surface!

Size Of Track

The size of a stadium rc course track is usually about the size of a football field.

The size of a short course track is  usually about the size of a basketball court.

The Monster Truck track is usually anywhere from 20 to 40 feet wide and 100-150 ft long, but can be as big or small depending on what type you are racing!

Racing Rules

The rules for short course racing are also different than the rules for stadium racing.

Short course trucks are allowed to have a wider range of modifications and can use nitro fuel while in Stadium truck races, these types or vehicles must be stock with no modification at all!

The type that is best suited towards beginners would most likely by short courses because they’re smaller scale which means less speed; this way it’s easier on them when learning how to drive their RC vehicle.

But as time goes one then maybe they want themselves to become more advanced drivers so it’s good not rush into anything until you know what your goals will eventually end up being like.

The rules of remote control monster truck racing are different from stadium truck racing.

Monster trucks are for the more experienced drivers and have a higher level of difficulty to them, which means they’re faster.

This is why it’s important that you know what your goals will eventually end up being like before deciding on just simply choosing one type over another? 

The rules in remote control monster car races allow modifications such as adding nitro or changing tires etc.

But with short course vehicles these types must be stock without any modification at all like we said above!


In conclusion the differences between short course trucks, stadium trucks and monster trucks are that stadium trucks are usually a little bit smaller than short course and monster trucks, while the size of Monster Truck tracks can vary depending on what type you want to race.

Monster Trucks also have no restrictions in terms with sizes meaning they aren’t better or worse than any other types because all different kinds compete against each other!

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