Is Short Course RC Racing Dying?

There is a lot of speculation on the state of affairs in the RC racing world. Some people believe that the hobby is dying, while others think that it is evolving.

We don’t know about your take on this, but we will be demystifying popular myths going around with this article by providing up-to-date information.

Is Short Course Hobby Racing Dying?

People were enjoying RC racing long before the internet or social media. Some individuals are claiming that short course racing is dying as a hobby.

Is this true? We can find a correct answer if we understand what these individuals mean with their claim.

That said, dying, in this case, refers to ‘decline’.

A short course racing hobbyist is someone who enjoys racing their RC cars on short courses. Unlike most hobbies, short course race hobbyists can’t enjoy their hobby in solitude since they need opponents.

Building the short courses can be expensive.

Consequently, some businesses focus on designing and creating courses that can be shared by the public, and this allows the hobbyists to focus on their cars and their competition.

So, is short course racing dying as a hobby? No, the claim is far from true. Thanks to technology and the internet, hobbyists can get their hands on RC cars that are modern, innovative, and affordable. With better cars, more ways to socialize, and easy access to information, short course racing is not dying as a hobby, but it is evolving.

If you are searching for a new hobby, look no further than short course racing since it promises to offer action-packed, exciting, and adrenaline-filled entertainment.

Thanks to technologies like 3D printing and social media, you will be able to create custom parts for racing cars or share your adventures with friends and family in an online community.

Is RC Racing Dying As a Hobby?

Since entering the public market in the 1960s, RC cars have only become more popular. Online shopping is playing a big role in revolutionizing the RC hobby.

As we have also mentioned above, 3D printers, the internet, and social media are transforming the world of RC racing while also breathing new life into it.

In the past, hobbyists had to visit brick-and-mortar stores to order their RC cars or RC car parts. Deliveries would often take weeks, while the stock was only limited to specific brands.

There were also instances when hobbyists had to wait for an extended duration while their local go-to stores restocked.

Things have since changed. Besides offering variety, online stores also have expedited deliveries for buyers who want to receive their RC cars or parts on the next day.

Like short course RC racing, the RC hobby is not dying.

More hobbyists are interacting on online forums, social networks, and face to face on race venues or local stores.

While UK and Italian-made RC cars were popular in the past, China and US-based manufacturers are developing competitive products.

Consequently, these cars are becoming more affordable, and this allows individuals who buy this technology to get more value for their money.

Are there still races going on?

If you own a RC car, you already know that the fun part is racing.

The adrenaline rush you will get while speeding past your competitors is unmatched, while the action will be unforgettable.

Fortunately, there are plenty of venues that you can visit if you want to enjoy driving your RC build.

Most of these venues have an assortment of tracks that allow you to showcase your hot wheels, while your push its performance to the limits.

Now that you know that there are different venues that you can visit to enjoy RC racing, let us explore the things you need to note before you visit these venues.

Before you dare another racing enthusiast to a race, take time to mingle in the venue.

This will help you get acquainted with different RC builds, find out how much other enthusiasts are investing in their builds, and it will also help you compare/share notes with like-minded hobbyists.

Local stores that sell RC cars have their racing tracks. It would be best to try out your car on these tracks.

From the test drive, you will know what parts you want to upgrade, swap out, or remove to get more performance capabilities.

Do you feel like racing against other opponents on the tracks? If this sounds like something you would fancy, then check out the small or regional racing tracks in your region to find out more information on their RC racing schedule.

There are thousands of RC tracks worldwide.

Some offer great contest venues while others allow racers to enjoy leisure driving.

If you are feeling lucky, sign up for racing contests that have real money prizes for the chance to walk away with lucrative cash prizes and bragging rights.

What Is Short Course RC Racing?

Short course RC racing is a form of “automotive” racing that involves the use of RC (radio-controlled) cars on an enclosed track.

In most instances, the race involves RC cars competing to complete more laps on a laid-out course within a set time.

Also, note that some courses include ‘jumps’ or ‘obstacles that the racing cars have to navigate.

A Brief History

Before we dive into RC racing, let us explore the rich history of RC cars.

Model cars have been available since the early 1900s. On the other hand, RC cars became available to the public in the 1960s.

The surge in popularity of RC cars in the 1970s led to the founding of organizations such as the British Radio Car Association (BRCA).

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