How Much Do RC Cars Cost? (All RC Vehicles) – Ultimate Pricing Guide For (2024)

How much do RC cars cost? This is one of the questions that everyone interested in purchasing their first remote control vehicles asks themselves.

RC cars cost between $20-$200 depending on the type, motor and overall quality. There are many different remote control vehicles like trucks, boats, planes, helicopters and more that have various pricing structures.

In this article we are going to dive deep and learn about how much all these different types of RC cars and vehicles cost.

Average Cost Of Remote Control Cars

RC TypeAverage Cost
RC Car$40
RC Truck$110
RC Boat$60
RC Airplane$120
RC Helicopter$50
RC Rock Crawler$100
RC Buggy$45
RC Drone$70

An RC car doesn’t cost as much. These cars may cost you from $20 up to $600. the pricing will vary from the vehicle’s speed, complexity, and scale among many other features that may come with the RC car.

Scale is a huge component that goes into the pricing of an RC vehicle. The larger RC cars will cost more money, rather then the smaller RC cars.

However, an average RC car’s cost is relatively low because it doesn’t come with complex structures. Most are from plastics.

They may also contain only the necessary controls, such as the forward and backward control. The control range may reach up to 30MHz. For an RC car of this range, it may cost you from $100 to $400.

But a remote-control vehicle that a kid may wish to take it to the edge or even use for a race with the neighborhood friends will be slightly costlier, with an average from $400 to $800.

These cars will come with somewhat complicated controls and longer life batteries, high-speed off rod tires, and complex structure, among many other things.

Price Rang Of Remote Control Cars

RC TypePrice Range
RC Car$20-$200+
RC Truck$40-$400+
RC Boat$25-$250+
RC Airplane$50-$400+
RC Helicopter$20-$150+
RC Rock Crawler$50-$500+
RC Buggy$25-$100+
RC Drone$30-$200+

In this article, we will be looking at this and many more in remote control car pricing areas. To find out if RC cars are worth your money, read along.

Why Are RC Cars So Expensive?

Remote control cars are relatively expensive. It, however, lies on the following components that make it so expensive to the RC lover.

Runs on electric or nitro — an electric RC car is cheaper because it has a slightly lesser complex and less expensive structures than the nitro RC car.

However, many RC racing gurus will purchase this type because it feels like a real car.

It will cost them a fortune on maintenance and fuel costs alongside the high cost of buying it.

Size of the car — smaller cars are cheaper than the large ones; this is because they require extra parts and will cost more in shipping all this will add up to your bill while purchasing this vehicle.

Costs of the parts — RC cars are expensive to purchase, and their details are really expensive.

The manufacturing of these parts is complex and uses complex tools that may require replacements; batteries, radio system, motor, controls, and body.

While using or racing with RC cars, they tend to damage quickly, which will cost you heavily on numerous repairs.

Or you can decide to get a new one.

Is it a kit or a set to ride — purchasing a ready to run is cheaper than a kit?

You will need to get it out of the bot, plug in the batteries for a ready to run, and your good to go.

However, for a kit, you are required to purchase special tools to assemble. It may cost you an additional $100. The cost will add to your overall cost.

How Much Is The Most Expensive RC Car?

Most expensive Remote-Control cars will cost more than your car. For many, these RC cars are not considered toys because of the RC’s price and complexity.

The most expensive RC car will cost you $4500, and that is the Freefly Tero.

This RC car isn’t like your average Remote-control car out there.

It is built with a complex structure such as huge wheels, a massive motor, has a vibration system, a cheese plate made of aluminum, and a radio transmitter.

Tremendous professional filmmakers use this car.

Another RC car that will cost a fortune is Traxxas XO-1. This car will cost you as much as $700.

The car is the first RC car ever to reach 100 mph and do the mile from zero in under 2sec. It is a keeper for the RC car enthusiasts.

Are RC Cars a Waste Of Money?

RC’s cars are not a waste of money. They are thrilled to use and can powerfully excite you.

The RC cars can be turned into a hobby and compete worldwide with the greatest RC racers.

Many will also put a collection of RC cars and show them off who has the best of the best.

When it comes to purchasing a Remote-Control car for your child, this will not be a waste of money since it allows every child to own an RC of their own.

It will raise their spirit and help them engage in close races between each other, and you may never know he/she may grow it into a hobby and become the greatest RC racing champion.

When it comes to film for the filmmakers getting an RC for your filmmaking will take you to another level.

The Freefly Tero may be an expensive car for your production.

Still, it will come in handy while producing high-quality films and grow your brand increasing your income.


Remote Control cars are in high demand, and their prices will not lower any time soon.

However, with the more evolution of the RC cars in many places such as the military and film making.

They are more than just toys to many. These cars are exciting, and many of you will fall in love with it.

You will always want to take it out for a spin. And most of the time, the excitement you get from having an RC car is just like having your car.

RC’s cars are a perfect way to spend your free time. Besides, they are not just for kids.

Adults can get more complex RC cars that fit their needs.

The thrill of adventure makes it worth your time and money.

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