10 Best Waterproof RC Trucks (2024) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Have you been looking for the best waterproof RC truck? Then your worries are over, as we present you with the best waterproof RC truck options that are actually waterproof.

No “kind of waterproof” or “resistant” but the real deal that live up to the hype. Let’s get into it.

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Top 10 Waterproof RC Trucks

#1 Editor’s Pick – Waterproof RC IPX4 Truck

When you want a top quality RC truck that is both waterproof and powerfully fast, then you need to get the IPX4 Truck as this impressive RC truck is indeed waterproof and can top a speed of as much as thirty-six kilometers per hour.

This is a terrific RC truck for those who are RC vehicle enthusiasts who love high speed output from their RC vehicles. You will be impressed that this vehicle is able to bypass many other RC trucks of other brands due to being super fast.

This RC truck has truly been designed to handle tough roads and rugged environments for ultra RC pleasure riding. This vehicle is designed with four wheel drive.

Also, this vehicle comes with a motor that is unquestionably strong. This is a terrific RC truck that can be used in off road situations.

This truck has great tires that are designed to be anti-skid. The body of this RC truck is highly durable, as it does not easily crack, dent or chip.

#2 Best Budget Option – Haiboxing RTR Waterproof RC Truck

When you are looking for a great quality RC truck that has a motor that can handle the wild challenges that you put it through and that will be up to doing a lot of fast racing against the RC trucks of your buddies, then you need to get the Haiboxing RTR Waterproof Truck.

You will be impressed that this vehicle will provide a superb racing experience even off the road.

This RC truck has been well designed, so that it is able to without any hassles drive on many different types of road conditions and off road conditions without getting stuck due to obstacles.

This top quality RC truck is waterproof, so that you do not have to worry about it becoming damaged in any way when you drive it in wet conditions.

This RC truck also comes with the provision of two rechargeable batteries that will allow for fifteen minutes of user time for a terrific and thrilling ride every time.

This is a wonderful RC truck that is easy to use for children as well, which is ideal when you need your kids to be doing something, so they are not becoming agitated with boredom.

This is a vehicle that kids will want to even race with their friends.

#3 Longest Lasting – Bezgar 1 Waterproof RC Truck

When you have been let down by other RC trucks that did not operate with a decent remote control frequency, then you need to get the Bezgar 1 Waterproof RC Truck.

Then you will not have that problem, as this amazing RC truck comes with a remote control that operates on a frequency of 2.4Ghz for the optimal user experience.

This is indeed a high speed RC truck that will bring much pleasure.

You will be impressed that this is a really rugged RC truck that can handle sand, mud, swampy areas, grass and concrete.

As a result, this demonstrated that this RC truck is truly versatile for ultra thrilling fun. This vehicle can even be used in snow and water due to being waterproof.

If you feel like racing your amazing RC truck in weather conditions when it is snowing or raining, go ahead and have a blast of a time without having any damage to your vehicle.

This RC truck makes a spectacular gift to give for Christmas, birthdays or other special occasions. 

#4 Hosim 2847 Waterproof RC Truck

If you have been disappointed by other RC trucks that seem to stall and get stuck, or if you noticed that they did not make turns very well, then you can rest assured that you will not experience such problems when you get the Hosim 2847 Waterproof RC Truck.

This fine quality RC truck has been designed to ensure that it will perform well at all times.

As a result, it will not lag in power, it will not get stuck and it will not stall. Moreover, it will perform even sharp turns ultra well with fine precision.

If you need to give a gift to someone who has everything, then this is the perfect fun and amusing gift to give to both men and women.

This RC truck will provide a new hobby for people who are looking for something new and exciting to do. It is thrilling for both users and onlookers.

This RC truck grants terrific performance off road and simulates an experience of professional steering that is fully functional, which most assuredly elevates the user experience to real pleasure. 

#5 Laegendary 1:16 Waterproof RC Truck

In such cases that you have paid a lot of money for a previous RC truck and found that it was not all that durable or strong, because it sustained much damage just after a few uses, you do not have to worry about such issues when you get the Laegendary 1:16 Waterproof RC Truck.

Indeed, this RC vehicle will meet your demand for being strong and durable, which will allow you to use this top quality RC vehicle for many years with true confidence.

As a result, this breathtaking RC truck that is ultimately waterproof does not easily crack, dent, scratch or chip.

This powerful RC vehicle was magnificently designed with specialized operation in mind to allow you exceptional control during handling, such as motions for drifting, turning as well as flipping.

This device further can move to the right, to the left, forward as well as backward.

As soon as you use this top of the line RC truck for the first time, you will notice that it indeed does have strong power.

With this being the case, this RC truck can handle rugged terrain for fun riding and racing challenges. 

#6 Haiboxing 1:18 RC Truck

When it is of utmost importance to you that your RC truck is able to most assuredly provide a great performance in off road environments, then you need to get the Haiboxing 1:18 RC Truck.

You will always be impressed at how well this RC truck puts out a leading-edge performance even in rugged environments every time.

This vehicle offers superior handling capability, which means that this is a terrific choice of an RC truck that is suitable for those who are just starting out using RC trucks.

This means that this RC truck is easy for children to use as well. This vehicle also is noted as having a structure that is regarded as being anti-collision, which is superiorly strong.

In such cases that you have been disappointed when other RC trucks that have become stuck easily, you can rest assured that due to the provision of four wheel drive, this waterproof RC truck is able to handle many situations without becoming stuck when there are large obstacles.

This truck is designed well for drifting, turning and even flipping for the most optimal handling experience ever, which is why this finely crafted RC truck has become the top preference of many consumers today.

#7 Fistone 1:16 RC Truck

When you need an RC truck that can provide you with all terrain capability, then you need to get the Fistone 1:16 RC Truck.

Due to the provision of a shell that is made of ABS material that is regarded as being of high quality, the oversized wheels that are ultra rugged and the anti-throw endurance of this vehicle that is rated as being super, this RC truck is able to handle rugged conditions that you put it through.

As a result, this vehicle is noted as being highly versatile for uses both on road and off road. This RC truck provides a strong performance every time during usage, which you will experience the first time you use this exhilarating RC vehicle.

This vehicle offers perfect specialized operational functionality every time, such as drifting, turning and flipping. As a result, you will have superior mastery handling control.

This RC vehicle furthermore is able to move backwards, forward, right and left.

The scale of this RC truck is pretty accurate to reference all the details of a large real life fast monster truck.

This RC truck will provide much enjoyment for both adults as well as children. 

#8 HisHerToy 4WD RC Truck

You will be impressed when you get this 4WD RC Truck. It is a finely constructed RC vehicle that offers top notch waterproof protection. Also, the ball bearings are made of metal and are sealed well.

They are specifically designed to accommodate rugged environments and harsh roads. You will apprentice the fact that this RC truck operates on a good frequency of 2.4Ghz.

The remote control does not experience jamming. The distance range for this RC vehicle is up to two hundred and sixty-two feet, which tends to be a longer distance range than what some other RC trucks offer.

Consequently, this means that this increases the pleasure of the user experience every time.

The vehicle also comes with the convenience of two batteries, so that you do not have to wonder about buying batteries.

As a result, the vehicle will be ready for usage as soon as you take it out of the package.

If you have used other RC trucks in the past, you will likely find that this RC truck provides a more premium user experience, as it is noted as having a more powerful torque than many other types of RC trucks on the market at this present time. 

#9 Miebely 1:16 RC Truck

If you feel you have been duped by other expensive RC trucks that did not provide a long performance lifespan and now you are out a lot of money, you do not have to spend over three hundred dollars to get a top performing RC vehicle that is both waterproof and that will offer a long performance lifespan.

The Miebely 1:16 RC Truck is a wonderful selection that is highly waterproof, offers a superior long performance lifespan and is under three hundred dollars.

This is a world class RC vehicle that is liked by many consumers and is truly easy on your wallet in terms of pricing.

When you drive this RC vehicle, you will look like a masterful expert, because it is high quality and it performs easily at your command. This is due to the fact that it is a highly responsive vehicle.

Even children love using this RC truck. It is thrilling to drive it through water and to see mud fly up in the air when you are racing fast against the other RC vehicles of your buddies.

The remote control does not jam and operates on a decent frequency.

This vehicle is suitable to use on flat surfaces as well as on more rocky and grassy areas. It can even handle slopes quite well for a versatile user experience every time. 

#10 Haiboxing 16889 RC Truck

When you need a perfect gift for someone for Christmas, birthdays or other celebrations, then you should get the. Haiboxing 16889 RC Truck.

This is a fun RC truck that will blow your breath away with how fast it goes at twenty miles per hour.

That is why this RC vehicle is so thrilling for many people, both for users and onlookers. As a result, this RC vehicle is up to the challenge of bypassing many other racing RC vehicles and will often finish first due to the quality and speed.

This vehicle has cutting-edge motor control, which means that it does not easily crash into stuff when the car is in the process of accelerating or when it is in the process of making a turn.

Further, this vehicle demonstrates versatility of usage, as it can be used in both indoor settings as well as outdoor settings.

This means that if the weather is damp, or cold, you can stay inside and still enjoy a great time with this sleek and fun RC truck. This is a highly durable product and will last for a long time.

Indeed, you are getting good value for your money when you get this well constructed waterproof RC truck.

Buying Guide: Choosing The Perfect Waterproof RC Truck


Make sure the quality is top notch. There are a lot of retailers and manufacturers that promote their trucks as waterproof but they are not really what we mean when we say waterproof.


The pricing of the truck will also be an indication of better quality and all around better made truck. The higher you go just like anything else will determine the better truck.


The brand name usually will not let you down when it comes to rc trucks. Find a reputable brand and trust that they know what they are talking about.

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