5 Best Trophy RC Trucks (2022) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

by Hobby Source | Last Updated: August 16, 2021

Trophy trucks are designed so that they perform well at high speeds.

If you are into Baja races as either a driver or a fan, you will develop an interest in these trucks and want to dig deeper more than the shape, size, and color.

Knowing in-depth information about these vehicles will make you understand how they perform and what to settle for if you are a driver in the race.

We will look at the top trophy truck s on the market to give you an insight into these vehicles and help you make an informed purchase.

In a Hurry? Quick Guide:

Top 5 RC Trophy Trucks

#1 Editor’s Pick – Redcat Racing Camo TT Pro

If you are a driver interested in winning the Baja trophies, this is the perfect choice for you. Redcat Racing Camo TT Pro has the best design to cruise through the desert with no struggle.

This is because it is strong and can go past the strong dessert winds with force and a lot of energy.

The wheels are high-quality materials consisting of flat top surface tires that give adequate friction enabling the vehicle to move with ease and at a high speed.

The tire allows for movement in both good and bad roads with ease. It also consists of a 4-link rear system that makes it stable and prevents rolling off surfaces by providing a firm grip between the tires and the surfaces.

Given that the four links have the same length and are on the same position as the axle, it will remain firmly held on the body frame. The strong attachment is because the suspension does not have restrictions on the axle suspension.

An independent suspension allows the vehicle to pass obstacles with ease by giving room for adjusting when the other wheels get distractions. It will also give room for increasing the speed where there are hills and help maneuver sharp corners.

Redcat Racing Camo TT Pro is an electric truck. It doesn’t include a battery or charger, so you need to buy yours to be safe and ready to go.

Its features include an extra tire you can replace at convenience, the coil spring over strut shocks are easy to adjust and have a rear sway bar.

Redcat Racing Camo Pro doesn’t require mechanical or a commutator brush to operate and has a hobby wing of 60amps and includes drivers and a navigator room.

It has great 4-link rear suspension with a steering servo of high torque hexfly and all the electronics able to repel water.

#2 Best 4×4 Trophy Truck – Losi Baja Rey

Losi Baja Rey is made of great design that entails an inevitable power suitable for all-weather because of its strong metals. The framework of this truck is of anodized aluminum, making it durable and robust.

The vehicles fuze-3800kv made of dynamite, making programming easy through the transmitter and can repel liquids on its surfaces.

It includes the Avc design that increases its performance by allowing for easy control and stability through steering wheel and throttle. Its throttle assistant controls the power it produces, automatically making the rear go in the direction you desire.

You will be able to discover your trucks ability to overcome the hurdles through the use of throttle and steering.

It’s the best truck with great brushless powers, and it suits the rough hilly desert roads well. To make the truck a full package, you need to buy channel radios, batteries, and charger separately.

This truck’s features are; a dynamite fuze of 3800kv, a brushless motor that has AVC design to increase stability. It also has a good chassis design, with aluminum materials to make it durable and water-resistant.

#3 Best 2WD Trophy Truck – Traxxas

Traxxas slash short course race truck has won several awards. It gives a thrilling experience with high speed and the ability to ride through off-road.

With this truck, you will be able to have fun anywhere anytime regardless of the weather because it can go through muddy, snowing and flooded roads given that the electronics can repel water.

It has excellent power output, which comes from its Titan 12-turn 550 modified motors, making it go for long miles without repair.

The truck’s radio system gives a conducive environment for the driver providing comfort and entertainment throughout the day.

The radio is durable and does not spoil quickly. It comes with its battery, which is made of iD technology and a charger that does not disappoint.

Consider Buying Traxxas will be a smart decision because it is made of quality materials like steel on the gears and a magnum metal clutch making it durable.

It’s licensed to have the features of Ford Raptor on various body parts like side mirrors, grill, bumper, and the tailgate.

#4 Best 1/10 Scale Trophy Truck – Losi Ford Raptor Baja Rey 4WD RC Truck

Looking for a truck that has great speed and you can control the speed using radio, this will work for you. It is licensed to include ford body parts and trim schemes.

You can adjust the AVC and get excellent stability that allows driving in any weather condition.

Using this truck is easy, and it has high speed, independent front suspension with the axle on different parts, and includes a 4-link system.

It has no battery or charger but has a raptor radio and receiver.

#5 Best 1/7 Scale Trophy Truck – ARRMA RC Truck Mojave

AARMA Mojave comes with a battery that you can charge and includes a wall charger that allows faster battery charging. With this truck, you will climb rocks with less effort because of its 1/7 4×4 Team Losi features.

It has a radio with a pistol grip remote control allowing for flexibility and easy programming. With this truck, you will receive the driving manual containing the essential instructions for learning.

If your hobby includes truck racing, it is nice to know each truck feature so that when you want to upgrade or buy a new truck, you will settle for what perfectly fits your needs.

When you have a truck that meets your heart desires, the fun will be enjoyable and comfortable and with fewer casualties from a poor performing truck, or you can win a competition making you happy.

Buying Guide: Choosing a RC Trophy Truck


When looking for a great trophy truck you want one that is durable and will last a long time with all the wear and tear that will inevitably come. That means picking a slightly higher price to get a good proven brand and one with great reviews.


Speed is quite an obvious factor but one that people often overlook. If you buy a nice premium truck you don’t really have to worry but if you go for a more budget friendly, off brand one this will definitely come into play.


There are two main types of motors brushed and brushless. Brushless motors are usually considered better but come with a bigger price tag.


The average size and scale of a rc trophy truck is around 1/7 to 1/10.

2 vs 4 Wheel Drive

Regardless which one you pick it needs to have a lot of power and get up and go in a lot of different terrain. 4WD is considered better by most but 2WD can give you most of what you need with less of a price tag.


Since you are going to be racing on tougher terrain and need good grip to dig into the dirt you need exceptional off-road tires to accomplish this and is one of the biggest things to keep your eye on.