5 Best RC Cars For Jumping (2024) – Buying Guide & Reviews

Have you recently been in search of the best RC car for jumping?

Maybe it seems to be rather a overwhelming task to know which one to choose due to having gotten a bad quality one before that breaks on the first jump.

This review will present the best ones on the market that are highly durable and truly high performing to help simplify your selection process.

In a Hurry? Quick Guide:

Top 5 RC Cars For Jumping

#1 Best Overall – Amicol RC Car

When you are looking for a top performing RC car that can perform terrific jumps, then you need to get the Amicol RC Car.

This car also provides double sided rotations and can do flips at three hundred and sixty degrees, which is undeniably impressive.

The design of the scale of this car is noted as being 1:28. This is a truly stable car that works powerfully well.

It can conduct great maneuverability when it comes to any given direction within only seconds as a result of using the remote.

The remote is sleek and is comfortable for children’s hands, so they can enjoy using this fun jumping rc car.

The remote is also suited well for the usage of adults’ hands.

This rc car is noted as being off the road and it comes with a transmitter that offers a frequency of 2.4GHz, which will allow you to enjoy control that is free of interference and that is utterly smooth. 

#2 Best For Big Jumps – Laegendary RC Car

You will be pleased with the spinning action and flipping action of the Laegendary 1:10 Large Scale RC Car. It performs jumps, spins and flips with real excellence.

This car further provides the added benefit of running on double sides.

When you want a car with full maneuverability, then you will truly enjoy this jumping rc car due to the fact that it can move to the left, to the right, backward and forward.

In fact, when it comes to the matter of performing tumbling flipping, this car is able to do so perfectly at three hundred and sixty degrees every time.

This car provides a top quality enjoyable experience every time, which many consumers noted is much better than many other such jumping rc cars on the market today.

Do note that it is important for you to activate the car before you do the activation for the remote.

This is so that the car and the remote will be operating on the same level of frequency.

If this is not the case, then you will notice that the indicator light will blink to let you know that you need to ensure that they are operating at the same level of frequency. 

#3 Best For Small Jumps – Orrente RC Car

When you want a rugged rc car that performs fun jumps and is also made of non-toxic materials, then you will be pleased with the Orrente RC Car.

Due to this jumping rc car being made of ABS plastic that is environmentally friendly and nontoxic, this car is perfect for even children to enjoy.

Both boys and girls find that this exciting car becomes their companion and toy of choice.

But this car is highly enjoyable for adults as well.

This jumping rc car makes a perfect gift to give for holidays, birthdays, graduations and even just as a fun surprise. This car can do several kinds of tricks and you will like the fact that this car is highly durable.

Moreover, this rc car is simple to control, which means that you will not be frustrated and can delight in using it for a long period of time.

You will be impressed with the sixty degree rotating stunt capability of this finely crafted jumping rc car. It also runs on double sides.

Moreover, you are the master of the maneuvering of this amazing rc car, as it can move left, right, forward or backward.

You will be impressed with the three hundred and sixty degree tumbling flips that are always thrilling to watch. 

#4 Best For Off-Road Jumps – Max Tronic RC Car

When you want a unique jumping rc car that offers a supremely thrilling playing experience, then you must get the Max Tronic RC Car.

This car produces powerful stunts every time. You will also enjoy using the remote control, as it allows you perfect command of this car every time.

You will appreciate the impressive anti-interference frequency of 2.4GHz.

Also, this amazing vehicle can go as fast as seven kilometers per hour. You can even have fun racing this car against another jumping rc car for amazing thrills.

This car comes with the provision of rechargeable batteries, which will save you money and time in that you will not need to keep buying regular batteries when you want to enjoy the usage of this super performing jumping rc car.

You will be thrilled that this vehicle is actually equipped with two high performance motors and that the lights actually work with real LED lights. 

#5 Best For Precision Jumps – Deerc RC Car

When you are the type of person that has to have the best of everything, then you will surely enjoy the classy performance of the top quality Deerc RC Car.

This is a supremely well made jumping rc car that provides a smooth ride and stunning jumps every time.

The rotation is superb and there are many different types of stunts that this top of the line rc car is able to perform.

Also, many consumers have noted that this rc car is able to perform jumps that are higher than many other types of such rc cars on the market today, which makes the performance all that more exciting to watch.

When you want to be the master of many different rc car tricks, then this car is the one to use, as it is easy to maneuver and the remote control operates with ease.

This car functions with a good frequency that does not experience interruptions, so that you can enjoy a smooth ride and fun time each time you use this high powered rc car

Buying Guide: How To Choose a RC Car For Jumps

Types Of RC Jumps

What types of jumps are you planning for? Small jumps, big jumps, off road jumping or precision accuracy jumps? You should know this before your buy your car.

With big jumps you need a well built machine with a bit of heft on it while smaller jumps you can get away with less. As well as off road jumps you might want to plan for damage and dirtiness.


Knowing the size you’re getting is important for the jumps you’re going to perform. Small rc cars are for smaller jumps and big jumps are for bigger cars.


This is important to know because these cars are notorious for getting damaged and wrecked (we are jumping them after all) so you don’t necessarily have to buy the top of the line just one that jumps and can maybe perform stunts/flips well that doesn’t break the bank.

How To Jump RC Cars

Watch this video to learn how to jump rc cars.

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