5 Best Indoor RC Cars (2024) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

If you want an RC car for fun around the house or full on racing in a gym we’ve got you covered.

With all the options on the market it’s hard to find the perfect indoor rc car for your unique situation. That’s why we’ve done all that work for you.

You will be highly pleased that all the indoor RC cars that we mention here have the perfect power and ease that you are looking for and will provide an intriguingly high level of performance every time.

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Top 5 Indoor RC Cars

#1 Editor’s Pick – Rastar RC 1/14 Scale Ferrari

You will be impressed to know that the Rastar RC 1/14 Scale Ferrari is actually licensed officially per the authority of the Ferrari company, which makes this indoor RC car highly valuable and a real collector’s item.

You will notice the exquisite details of this finely crafted car both in regard to the exterior as well as the interior.

This amazing indoor RC car is created at a scale of 1 to 14 in terms of detailing. This car measures 13.3 inches in length, 5.9 inches in width and 3.3 inches in height.

The doors are formed in butterfly style and actually open manually.

The taillights and headlights are not just painted on–they actually function, which makes the car even more exciting to use.

This model mimics the real stereo system, leather seats, tires and steering wheel that would be elements of a real life sized Ferrari.

This car can achieve a speed of 5.1 miles per hour and can be used both indoors as well as outdoors. It is in your best interest only to use this RC Ferrari car on dry surfaces, as the car is not waterproof. 

#2 Fastest Indoor RC Car – Qun Feng RC 1:18 Lamborghini 

When you are looking for a great working indoor RC car that offers full functions when you have noted that some other RC cars on the market today tend to be limited in their functions, then you need to get the Qun Feng RC 1:18 Lamborghini.

You will truly appreciate the fact that this powerful car offers forward, stop, reverse, turn right and turn left as part of its functionality movements that make driving this wonderful car an absolutely thrilling experience.

Please note that it is best only to use this car on dry surfaces and in dry weather due to the fact that this car has not been designed with waterproof protection.

This is a highly versatile car, as it can handle scenarios both indoor and outdoors, which makes it more amusing both for the user and the spectators. 

#3 For Stunts and Flips – Sgile RC Stunt Car

When you are looking for a car that will provide an excellent level of quality with high performance output every time, then you need to invest your time, money and energy in getting the Sgile RC Stunt Car.

This is truly a terrific selection of an indoor RC car that offers up to ninety-eight feet in terms of remote range distance.

You will be impressed that this finely crafted car can achieve a speed of up to 5.1 miles per hour, which is pretty decent, as some indoor RC cars on the market have been noted by some users to only be able to reach up to 3.2 miles per hour.

This is truly a meticulously fabricated car and is highly durable, as it does not dent or scratch easily. This car is safe to use and will not easily spark when going at high speeds.

It is also safe for children eight years of age and older to enjoy using.

Adults will also delight in driving this impressive indoor RC car that provides a smooth ride with great precision every time. 

#4 Best Budget Option – Power Your Fun Cyclone Mini RC Car

When you are the type of person who is ultra busy, but still want to spend a bit of your time on your hobby of enjoying indoor remote cars, then you need to get the Power Your Fun Cyclone Mini RC Car.

You will appreciate the fact that this car is already assembled, so that there is no delay in being able to enjoy using it.

You will not have the headache of having to put the car together yourself.

This amazing mini RC car has a remote control that provides good command and control of the car the exact way you want it to.

This car is able to proficiently engage in two-sided racing that is off road.

The LED lights are truly bright to make this car extra snazzy.

The rubber tires are ultra rugged to handle various kinds of tough terrain to make the ride more adaptable and adventurous every time.

You will thrill at using the remote transmitter that functions with real ease to allow you to manipulate this outstanding car to do spins and stunts.

You and other spectators will be highly amused by the spins, flips and turns that this RC mini car is capable of doing.

Also, the speed of this mini RC car is undeniably fast. 

#5 Best Maneuverability – Blyton RC Car

When you are looking for an exquisite off the road racing RC car that will perform at real altitudes of prowess and smoothness, then you will want to get the Blyton RC Car.

This is a stunning indoor RC car that is highly functional with all the maneuvering that you want.

Also, you will be delighted watching this car perform stunt flips and rotational spins that will blow your mind. This car is able to overcome obstacles that are in its path.

This car will provide long episodes of thrilling excitement every time.

If you have a child that is hyperactive and cannot sit still, this is a great toy to give to the child, as this will help the child to focus all that excessive energy in a positive way by enjoying this hyperactive car.

This car is also reversible, which makes it even more fun to use.

The motor of this car is supremely powerful and the 4 wheel drive element adds to the high performance and top quality precision of the maneuverability of this car every time you use it.

Buying Guide: Choosing an Indoor RC Car


What should you look for in a great indoor rc car that will last very long time and perform every single time? make sure that it has an exceptional maneuverability since being inside it has to cut corners a lot more sharper and a lot more in general.


Being the fastest is the name of the game. Beating the competition is dependent on being fast but precise. Make sure the speed of the car can handle all the turns and obstacles necessary.


Since you’re racing indoors you’re most likely going to want a smaller car rather to allow for sharper turns and better sensitivity.

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