About Us

Hello, my name is Sandy Hughes and this blog post is about me. I am the founder of a website called “The Hobby Source”.

It’s a blog where you can find lots of different blog posts and reviews that are engaging and informative about a bunch of different hobbies but most notably about remote control vehicles.

You might be wondering why we started this website.

Well, we were inspired by the fact that there are so many different people were searching about the products that they were looking to buy before they actually bought it and a lot of those products weren’t being reviewed by really anyone on the internet.

So that is why I wanted to give people the ability to understand exactly what they are going to be getting when they actually make that purchase. These reviews are super in depth to give you an honest look and we hope that that comes across.

I also wanted to give people access to information to questions that many people have about their favorite hobby. Answering these questions helps people understand and gives a deeper look into whatever hobby that you’re into.

What Do We Talk About?

Remote Control vehicles are our biggest topic covered here. We have a deep love for RC cars, trucks, crawlers and pretty much everything to do with them.

We review and give our honest opinions on all the top products in the industry as well as give advice on which one is for you and your situation.

So, if you’re trying to figure out which product is right for you or some specific expert information then come on over and take a look around at our site!

I hope you found this website helpful and informative. If you want to learn more, be sure to read our blog posts and articles for far more entertaining information than this haha. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or feedback!

You can also contact us if you have a product you want us to review.